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Boss Tells A Sick Employee That She Needed To Be Approved To Work From Home, So She Decides To Log Out Entirely And Take A Sick Day

by Ryan McCarthy

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I’m sure we’ve all “called out of work sick” a few times in our careers. Some days you just can’t be bothered.

But on those days you’re actually feeling sick? There is nothing worse than having to go into your job and put in your 8 hours.

And now that working remotely is a thing, some jobs expect you to clock in from home, even as you’re coughing up a lung!

But apparently some people have more willpower than most of us, because this woman was ready to work from home on a day she wasn’t feeling well.

Well, until her boss got on her about getting her work from home day pre-approved, so she decided to just take a sick day and call out of work entirely!

Check it out!

Should have pre-approved my remote day due sickness? Ok.

In my old job we had a great boss and hybrid work.

If we had any reason not to come to the office, just a message to him and extra remote day would be approved.

Then he was let go, and we got a new boss, who was exact opposite of her predecessor. This happened a few weeks after our old boss was let go and his boss became our new boss.

One morning I wasn’t feeling well, too sick to travel to the office but not too sick to work from home.

But instead of calling out entirely, she decided to work from home that day…

I had couple of remote meetings with customers, so it was just easier to me to work while being a little sick than try to reschedule.

I spoke with my boss in Slack, and our conversation was like this:

Me: Good morning! I have a sore throat and a slight fever, I’ll be working from home today, so no need to reschedule anything.

Boss: Our employer handbook clearly states that remote days are Tuesday and Thursday and exceptions need a pre approved by the manager.

She decided to make this new boss pay for her stubbornness.

I was ticked off. Is she really trying to force me into the office even though I’m sick? What was her motive?

But then it hit me, it doesn’t matter, and our discussion continued.

Me: Oh, sorry, that’s true. I have a sore throat and a slight fever. I’m unable to come to the office so I’m taking a sick day.

Could you ask someone to reschedule the meetings with Customer A and Customer B, since I’m recovering at home at least for today.”

And she even used the company’s own employee handbook to help support her revenge!

Me: The employer handbook states that I can take three sick days in a row without a doctor’s note. But I’m willing to make an exception if you want to, and get you one. Do you want it?

I was left on read for 10 minutes. She started typing, deleted the text, started again and deleted it again.

She was active in our chat for entire 10 minutes until I finally got a response.

Boss: No, that won’t be necessary. I’ll ask someone to reschedule those meetings. Get well soon.

So instead of having to work, which she was completely willing to do in the first place, she got a whole day to recover!

My colleagues almost died on laughter when I told them why I’m having a sick day and not just work from home.

Our boss didn’t like me after that, but the feeling was mutual.

I left the company later for a new job, but not before she was fired.

I don’t understand why some bosses are such sticklers for the rules, especially when it gets in the way of people actually trying to do their jobs!

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So let me get this straight? You’d rather I not work at all today?


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