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Son Refuses To Share A Cabin His Late Father Left Him, But His Mom Has Already Given Her New In-Laws Permission To Move In

by Ryan McCarthy

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Losing a parent is one of the hardest things any child can experience, and that can be made even harder when their other parent finds a new partner.

From step-parents to half-siblings, it can be incredibly difficult to navigate a new family dynamic, especially for a young child who is still grieving.

And while oftentimes kids grow to love and cherish their new families, there’s no way to force them to accept and be happy about the new dynamic they find themselves in.

This user learned that all too well when their Mom pressured them to share the cabin their late father had left him with his new family for vacations.

Was OP wrong to keep the cabin specifically for himself? Or was it selfish to keep his half-siblings out? See for yourself!

AITA for telling my mom she let her in laws stay at my dad’s/my cabin and needs to own it instead of blaming me?

My dad bought a cabin before he married my mom. It became a family place for us when he married my mom and they had me.

And when he wrote his will, he left the cabin to me, not my mom. But my mom helps look after it in the meantime, but full ownership goes to me when I (16M) turn 18.

My dad died when I was 7 and my mom remarried when I was 10. My mom has two kids with her current husband (6F and 3M).

But OP’s Mom wanted the cabin to remain family property instead of OP’s property…

When my mom got engaged/found out she was pregnant she asked me if I would be okay with the cabin remaining for the family and including her husband and new baby.

She wanted to keep it as the family vacation spot but wanted to know if I would turn around once I owned it completely and say I didn’t want her husband and new kids to be there.

This way, she said  she wasn’t going to ruin any memories for them or cause them some heartache by bringing them knowing they would no longer be able to go in a few years.

I told her I wouldn’t want them to use it and wouldn’t let it be used by her new family. She told me they were our family not just hers.

She saw I still didn’t want to let it be for them as well so she never took them there.

Despite their agreement, when Mom’s in-law fell on hard times, she offered up the cabin as a place to stay…

Before Christmas my mom let her SIL and family stay in the cabin because they lost their house.

Ever since then, my half sister has been asking questions about it and wondering why she never goes there, etc.

My mom told her it was mine and she looked after it for me until I was an adult and she wanted the family to be safe.

So then my half sister is asking when we’re all going to go and why we don’t ever stay there and how she wants to see it.

So Mom decided (for some reason) to ask OP about sharing the cabin once again!

My mom asked me if I had changed my mind yet and I said nope.

So mom was trying to make my half sister less upset about it but she would ask questions once a week about the cabin and say she wanted to visit.

This annoyed my mom’s husband who said it was ridiculous that a cabin was owned by the family and they couldn’t use it.

He said it around me once and I told him it’s not owned by the family, it’s owned by me.

Then Mom made an even more outrageous accusation towards OP about how unfair he was being…

My mom is now blaming me saying it put everyone in a bad position because her ILs stayed there but she can’t bring the kids.

I told her that wasn’t my fault. That she was the one who offered the cabin all by herself and I had no say in it.

She told me it was the right thing to do and the right thing to do now would be to accept that my family has changed and let them all enjoy the cabin.

But OP wasn’t budging, and said once he took ownership of the cabin, there was gonna be a new sheriff in town!

I told her I can’t stop her for the next two years but it’s not going to be used once I take full control.

Mom and her husband both told me that wasn’t the correct way to behave. They said I made my half sister upset by letting her aunt, uncle and cousins stay.

I told mom she let them stay, not me, and she needs to own it instead of blaming me.

They were mad that it implied I would have refused to let them stay and that I don’t see how my actions are the root problem in everything.


Regardless of whether its kind or not for OP to restrict the use of his cabin, it’s still his cabin!

And from her husband’s behavior, we can pretty clearly see why OP doesn’t want to share what his Dad left him!

Reddit agreed with OP, with many saying his Mom only wanted his input when it aligned with her opinion!

Source: Reddit/AITA

But many were wondering who had been paying for the upkeep and the property taxes for the cabin.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And this user said if the person paying was his Mom, than he owes her a big apology!

Source: Reddit/AITA

And finally, this user thought it was unfair for OP to treat his half siblings like they weren’t his family!

Source: Reddit/AITA

I mean, it might be unfair, but it’s his property to do what he wants with!

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