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Teen’s Dad and Stepmom Won’t Let Her Acknowledge Her Mom in Their House, So She Told Them How She Really Feels

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Home is where the heart is

Unless you feel like you’re not welcome there!

And this young woman had to tell her dad straight-up that she doesn’t consider their house her true home.

Was she wrong?

Read her story and see what you think.

AITA for telling my dad and stepmom their home isn’t my home?

“My parents had me and pretty soon after they divorced.

My parents divorce was not amicable. I (16f) don’t know all the details obviously, but I know that bad blood exists on both sides.

She thinks she knows what happened…

And if you want my suspicions, I think they divorced so badly because my dad wanted to set up his own business but my mom didn’t want that to happen right after me. My dad owns his own business, actually he owned two and the first one he had to close up.

The first one he started right after the divorce which is why I suspect what I do. My dad also complained once or twice that mom never supported him.

Her mom sounds fine with all of it…

So there are issues between my parents. When I’m with my mom you would never know it. She does not vent about dad, badmouth him, or try to hide the fact they were married and had me together.

She has some photos of us before the divorce in our living room among the rest of the family photos. And while I have issues with my stepdad and he’s not my favorite person ever, he has never complained or tried to erase the fact he married a woman who had a kid with someone else. He never got that part wrong despite our issues.

Her dad’s house is a different story…

But my dad’s house is so very different. It got worse after he married my stepmom. I’m not supposed to mention my mom at all, they don’t let me have anything there that my mom bought, even my favorite plushy that mom bought me as an infant.

I can’t have a single photo of my mom or my half siblings on her side. I used to have a little pinboard of photos and my dad and stepmom went into my room in the past and removed all traces of mom. My stepmom even said she burned the photos of mom. They have told me in their house they do not want to see my mom and my room is not a compromise.

So of course I don’t like being here.

I spend 50% of my time here, and no the courts won’t let me stop coming and they would punish my mom if I stop and the judge told my mom if she does not force me to go, and stay, she would pay.

After our last attempt a few months ago dad started telling me I don’t treat my room like my room or I don’t act like it’s my home. He asked me why I wanted to leave “our home”.

She finally let them have it.

On Sunday my dad and stepmom told me I act like I’m a guest in their house instead of part of the family and that it’s my home. I told them it’s not my home, it’s their home.

I told them I can’t mention my mom or keep a photo of her in my room. I can’t do whatever I want with my room like they claim so no, all of that means this was never my home.

I told them I am a guest here half my life and that’s all I will ever be. They told me I was being melodramatic and my stepmom called me manipulative.


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Sounds like they need some therapy.

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