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Terrible Neighbors Steal Her Dog Because They Claim They Thought It Was A Stray, So She Lashes Out At Them In Front Of Their Children

by Sarrah Murtaza

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Owning pets is one thing, but taking care of them is an entirely different job. It’s like becoming a parent!

Today’s story is about a girl who deals with shady neighbors when her dog gets abducted by them.

These mad neighbors put her through a lot of trouble for days until she finally finds her dog!

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AITA For “Cursing Out” My Neighbor In Front Of Her Kids?

I’m a 21-year-old female, Mickey is a 12-year-old Akita that I’ve had for all twelve years.

For some context, I live in a residential neighborhood that was recently gated off. I walk Mickey every day. By the time I turned nine he was too big for me to take on walks, so I trained him to walk in front of me on our walks. He only walks about 10 feet in front. Mickey has never been away from me for more than 24 hours.

A bit ago a family moved in a few houses down. There’s the mum (M), Dad (D), and twin children. D watched me walk Mickey and thought he was a stray. I explained how our walks usually go and thought that was that. It. Was. Not.

Something was fishy, let’s see it unfold..

Four days ago I came home and Mickey was not in my yard. I freaked out because he’s always there. I went through our neighborhood, posted in every “Missing Pet” Facebook group I could find, and posted in our neighborhood group chat saying he was missing.

Fast forward to yesterday, by now I am going out of my mind. I finally decide to go door to door, and after a few houses, I’m at NN’s place.

M opens the door as D is coming in from the kitchen. I explain to M that Mickey is missing, and she offers sympathy, as I’m getting ready to leave, D joins the conversation, he immediately says “Baby, tell her about the dog you found.”

You won’t believe what happened next!

M goes on to tell me how she found a dog wandering around IN MY YARD, OPENED THE GATE, AND TOOK HIM OUT.

At this point, I’m not even registering the fact that she removed my dog from my property, I’m just excited because I think she might have him somewhere.

Before I can ask, she explains how she GAVE HIM TO ONE OF HER FRIENDS because she thought he was a stray.

At last a sigh of relief, but the story doesn’t end here.

I explained that it was my dog, and she (somewhat reluctantly) gave me a name and address.

I go over there and am met with a mother and 2 kids.

I tell this mother (TM) that the dog she got is my dog, and show her pictures of him.

She doesn’t argue or anything and I load him into my car and drive home.

It’s insane how they took her dog away and completely shifted the course of the story!

This morning, I get a message, it’s a screenshot of a mom group on FB, M and TM are going back and forth saying things like “How would she think taking a dog from a kid is ok?” and my personal favorite, “She’s had enough time with him, she should let others have a turn.”

They had manipulated the story so it looked like I took their dog, and there were other moms criticizing.

Pissed off, I went over to M and D’s house and shouted at her.

I’ll admit that I did say a few curse words, but it was generally just me saying things like “You’re acting as if he’s a toy people can take turns with!” and “He was on my property!”

Her dog was stolen and she was mistreated on the internet and yet somehow she ended up becoming the bad guy!

I’ve been called an a*****e by M (again on FB) for “cussing me out in front of my kids.” and “causing emotional stress she’s not fit to deal with.”

I kinda feel like an AH because I could’ve just let it pass without saying anything, and I might have actually let a few curse words slip in the vicinity of children (although I’m (95% sure that school-age kids are in face to face school in my area.)


The new neighbors caused her so much trouble and yet she feels guilty for lashing out in front of the kids.

Let’s see what the Reddit community had to say about the incident.

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This person blames the dog owner for having him unleashed.

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Another person believes that not filing a police report is a mistake.

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This user blames the owner entirely for the situation!

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It is pretty careless of the dog owner to leave the dog out like that.

However, the neighbors are terribly wrong to have stepped on someone else’s property. They abducted the dog and GIFTED IT to a friend which is insane!

This does need to be reported!

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