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The Neighbor Insisted On Constantly Stopping By With Her Young Child, So She Told Her She Was Childfree By Choice And To Go Away

by Ashley Ashbee

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There’s a lot of grey area around the best way to build a relationship with a new neighbor.

The people moving into the neighborhood in this story had a very different view on this than their neighbors across the street.

Check out this story to see how this neighbor drama got ugly.

AITA for turning away my new neighbour and her child?

I (26F) just moved into a new, small apartment block two weeks ago. Been busy setting up the place, furniture, all of it.

The afternoon I moved in, one of my neighbours came up to the steps (each apartment has a little front area, and mine faces the car park).

Things were ordinary and polite at first.

She introduced herself, single mom with a 4 year old daughter and gave me a small succulent to say welcome.

I was very appreciative, said thank you and we spoke for a few minutes.

Then this welcoming committee extended their campaign.

I work three days from home, and am usually home in the evening after work and at night.

This neighbour has started showing up a lot, can generally hear her approaching with her daughter and they’ll show up with a painting, or something the daughter has made to give to me.

It is nice, but I do prefer to keep to myself, and often I’m in my baggy tee or not dressed for visitors.

I have to kind of make myself presentable in under a minute with no notice.

And it’s not just during working hours.

This latest instance, they showed up around 7pm. The daughter had made some kind of drawing and wanted to drop it off.

I’d had a long day (was in a giant sweater, looking a mess but insanely comfy, ice cream on the couch, watching a film).

I saw them through the window, had to quickly jump up, put on shorts, and greet them at the door.

Not even inappropriate content can keep them away.

Said thank you as always, daughter wanted to come in, see what I was watching. Nothing terrible, just a bit too grown up for a 4 year old.

I politely said, look, thank you but I’m really not in the mood tonight and could they please leave.

My neighbour responded “but she’s just a kid, it’ll only be a few minutes, she loves making things to show you.”

I said, “look, I’m child-free by choice, can you please leave? Thank you and good night.”

The welcoming campaign switches to paper.

They have not been back since, but left a note in my mailbox explaining I was rude and her daughter was upset, cried and they’d be open to an apology.

I haven’t responded but don’t want to apologize. Am I the ******* for turning them away?

Let’s see what people had to say in the comments.

This person thinks there’s another motive behind this. I hadn’t thought of that.

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A lot of commenters felt it wasn’t what she wanted, but how she asked for it. I agree.

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Some people felt she was being honest, not harsh.

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Some people recommended even stronger ways she should say what she wanted.

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Every comment section needs a conspiracy theorist.

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Well, trash day is going to be awkward.

Not all neighbors are the good kind.

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