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Neighbor Said Solar Panels Are Bad For His Wife’s Illness Because Of “Dirty Electricity,” But They’re Installing Them Anyway

by Matthew Gilligan

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I don’t want to cast anyone in a bad light, but this person’s neighbor sounds like a wacko.

There, I said it!

But now you have to take a look for yourself and see what YOU think.

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AITA for installing solar on my house?

“The backstory – We live in a semi-dense suburban neighborhood. We bought this house new about six years ago.

One of the neighbors moved out about two years ago and the new neighbors moved in.

After about a week, they came over and said the wife has MS and is sensitive to electron-magnetic frequencies / dirty electricity.


I was asked to install a cover over our electrical smart meter because they believe dirty electricity, wifi, and smart meters change your DNA and exacerbate her MS symptoms.

While thinking they are crazy, I oblige and install the cover because it doesn’t do any harm to me.

Go back two weeks and we’re having our house mapped for new solar panels and Tesla powerwalls and the husband notices the solar truck.

Long story short, he tried to get the HOA to block approval of our solar panels citing dirty electricity and tried claiming the ADA should stop us.

I know enough about the law from previous professional lives to know it doesn’t apply to private single family residences.

Time to take some action.

I send a note to the HOA explaining in no uncertain terms, I will get a lawyer involved in two shakes of a lambs tail if they block it, providing 10+ articles from high impact journals including two meta-studies.

The HOA attorney wrote me back asking if I was willing to oblige on any of his accommodation requests – these included moving our entire electrical panel / system to the other side of the house and installing very specific components which cost 50% more.

Sorry, dude.

I told the attorney these were not reasonable accommodations and would not humor him.

They approved our plan.

He is now painting his side of the house with WiFi and electromagnetic blocking paint and is upset because these measure on his end will cost him thousands of dollars, destroy his DNA, and make his wife’s MS symptoms worse.


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