May 13, 2024 at 4:27 am

Their Boss Gave Them A Book Of Financial Tips Instead Of A Raise, So They Took the Book’s Advice And Started Sending Out Resumes

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Hey, if your boss tells you to do something, you should follow the rules and do it, right?


And it’s especially satisfying when you know they’re giving you BAD advice and you go along with it to prove a point.

Which is what this person did!

Check out what happened in the story below!

Follow your financial advice? Sure, boss!

“I got a management job at a small business by accident about 2 years ago – someone got fired, the replacement bailed, and the job landed in my lap.

Since then, my responsibilities have been increasing monthly while my pay has stayed stagnant at just a bit higher than minimum wage. There are over a dozen responsibilities on my plate that only I can do for us at this point – even the business owner calls me for help if I take a day off.

They need me very much here.

They’re getting ripped off.

Where I live, management jobs are generally about 1.8x min wage to start; I make about 1.4x min wage. I have been budgeting, reviewing my finances, and budgeting some more.

Trying to pay down debts so I can comfortably afford to have kids and maybe a house in about 4 years’ time. Despite my best efforts, at my current pay it will take me 6 years to reach this goal.

I approached my boss about a raise several weeks ago. He delayed the discussion multiple times, finally giving in and giving all senior employees a 6% raise and implementing a bonus structure for meeting sales targets.


Of those employees, I am the only one whose work directly impacts the sales targets. The fixed raise was under $1 per hour and the bonus scheme, if I work my *** off more than ever before, would work out to another $1 per hour on months the target is reached.

This total still has me under the pay rate for general management in my area, and doesn’t account for all the responsibilities I have that only I am trained to do.

I told my boss I was unhappy with this and he gave me a book on financial management, told me to follow its advice and to stop buying coffees.

If you say so!

Chapter one of the book recommended you audit yourself financially and said that if you have budgeted well, trimmed extra expenses, and still couldn’t reach your financial goals with your current income, seek a better job.

So I’m following my boss’ sound financial advice and looking for a new job.

Been sending resumes out for over a week now.”

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Welp, I bet the boss didn’t expect that outcome!

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