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Their Cousin Didn’t Help Pay For The Food At A Family Party, So They Wouldn’t Let Her Take Any Leftovers

by Matthew Gilligan

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There’s nothing worse than a cheapskate!

It’s enough to drive a person nuts, you know what I’m saying?

And sometimes, you gotta play hardball with these folks and stand your ground.

That’s what this person did and now they want to know if they acted like an *******.

Let’s take a look!

AITA for not allowing my cousin to take home food?

“We had a large 95 birthday for my grandmother.

My mom and I chipped in with another uncle and one of his kids to have it catered.

It was about $700 so we around $175 each.

And then, there’s Shannon…

One of my cousins Shannon who always pulls this, brought to go containers for her husband and his two kids.

We stopped her from taking anything and told her she didn’t help buy the food and she can’t take any home.

She offered me $10 because that’s all she had and my other cousin said if she wanted to split the cost with those who paid it is $87.50.

Then she could take stuff home.

She sounds pretty classy…

She complained that she got grandma a gift that was clearly something from the Dollar Tree and was crying about how she told her hubby she would bring him back something.

We told her she couldn’t because if there are leftovers they go to grannie first and those who paid.

Shannon left mad and a couple of family members said that was cheap of us but I pointed put that grannie is 95 and she could eat the leftovers for a few days and relax because the food was her birthday present not Shannons.

In the end I only took home enough salad for lunch for the next day because most of the food was eaten and a few things were put back for grannie to enjoy for dinner the next day.”

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One Reddit user said they’re NTA.

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No food for you!


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