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Their Dad Cheated On Their Mom And Abandoned Them While She Had Terminal Cancer. Now He’s Mad They’re Not Thrilled To Be A Part Of His “New Family.”

by Trisha Leigh

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No one likes a cheater.

But a cheater who abandons his young daughters while his wife is passing from brain cancer?

Dirt of the earth, y’all.

This story is written by the older of two sisters who lost their mother while dealing with their dad’s abandonment.

Let’s see what happens…

AITA for making things uncomfortable during my dad’s engagement dinner?

My dad is a serial cheater.

He cheated on my mom a lot during their marriage and it came to light after she was diagnosed with brain cancer 5 years ago.

Mom found out when she was already terminal and my dad’s answer to this was to run away to his (at the time) affair partner’s house, leaving me (16f who was only 11) and my sister (15f who was only 10) to fend for ourselves and take care of mom.

He then tried to get his way back in for my mom’s last few weeks and she somewhat gave in for our sakes, because she was worried we’d hate him if she didn’t, but then when the end came he was with his affair partner.

Because of his treatment of the family, they refused to live with him after she passed.

When mom was gone we refused to live with dad and his affair partner. We told dad we were not going to let him act like nothing bad happened and there was no way we wanted his affair partner to be our new mom.

We ran away from home to get our way and CPS got involved and decided we should live with our maternal grandparents.

They have forced visitation that’s very minimal.

But our dad was given visitation rights by the courts so we have to see him one Saturday and one Sunday a month.

But not overnight.

Now, their father is getting married.

Dad and his last affair partner were on and off for a few years.

We found out one of her kids was actually his and that kid is 6 now. She has an 8 year old as well from the guy she was married to at the time she had her 6 year old.

So there’s messy stuff on her side too. We don’t see or interact with them ever.

Dad and his affair partner are now engaged and they wanted an engagement party with family and friends and dad insisted we had to be part of that.

It happened on Saturday. Dad made us use the engagement dinner as our visitation with him but we tried to fight against it.

They made no bones about how they feel about him and the “new family.”

So we went but we weren’t happy and during the dinner dad and his affair partner were talking about how excited they were to bring the family together, his affair partner was saying she was so excited to officially be our parent and to have us come closer because of it.

Their immediate families know the score but not the extended family. Their friends mostly knew, I think.

They were saying how it was the most wonderful time and stuff and then my sister and I started saying it wasn’t for us and then sarcastically said how we couldn’t wait to be a family with dad’s affair partner he was seeing all throughout our mom’s cancer.

Who he chose to be with when his wife was dying leaving his daughters alone with their dying mom because he didn’t even call our grandparents to tell them it was her final few hours.

We also brought up how he had fathered the 6 year old during his marriage to mom.

Now they’re upset they wouldn’t just play nice.

This led to a lot of questions, surprise and anger. The latter of which was directed at us.

My dad and his affair partner were furious we made the engagement dinner uncomfortable and asked us why we’d do that.

My sister said we weren’t going to pretend we were happy for them or us.

I said they forced us to be there and we were clear we didn’t want to be.

They said we behaved like spiteful children.


I bet Reddit has some serious thoughts on this guy!

The top comment says they are allowed to be spiteful.

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He deserved everything they said, honestly.

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The lack of awareness is stunning.

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He deserves worse, this person thinks.

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The selfishness is also appalling.

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My blood is boiling.

And I am weeping inside for their poor mother, who must have felt so desperate not being able to protect them from what was to come.

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