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Their Parents Want The Family To Move Back To Greece And Go To College There, But The Kid Says They Want To Stay Put

by Matthew Gilligan

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I understand people wanting to go back to their homeland, but when it comes to their children who grew up in another country, things can get complicated.

And this person is not trying to move back to Greece with his parents when they make the big leap.

Are they wrong?

Let’s see what they had to say.

AITA for telling my mom if they move back to Greece, I won’t follow?

“Me and my family have been living in America for 10 years (which in my mom’s words is longer than they expected to be here).

For the past 4 months my mom has been telling me how “dad is tired and I don’t think he will last here for another summer”.

Anytime I talk to her this has been the topic, “you know dad is tired and he would like to move back, I can see it in his eyes” were her exact words.

And because I only have one year left of school she keeps telling me to find colleges in Greece because “we will be moving”.

They’re not on board with this idea.

I tried to not give her an answer and just smile and leave anytime she says that. I thought about it and I don’t want to move, I don’t want to leave this place.

She doesn’t understand why I don’t want to move because she sees Greece as her home (which I understand, she grew up there) but I lived here for 10 years and have no memories (or good memories) of Greece anyways.

Yesterday we had a “talk” about it.

She brought it up as soon as I came from school. “You know I found a good college for you in Greece it’s very close to home…” and gave me directions of how to get there (like I knew the streets).

I didn’t say anything and tried to eat my food.

“You know dad is tired and I don’t think he can do this no longer” and continued “look we can stay until you finish school and then you can go to college in Greece.”

And continued “you need to think reasonable, plus it’s going to be an American college you don’t even need to know Greek.”

They decided to come clean.

I got tired and finally told her “I don’t want to go back, I would like to stay here instead”

She got angry and started screaming “you understand that dad can’t keep working like this he is getting tired”

I told her okay and that I still want to stay here. She told me I can’t support myself because I don’t have a job and I told her I am going to get a job this summer.

She paused for a moment and started telling me how it’s not like I’m going to lose anything I don’t even have friends and don’t go outside so why would I want to stay here.

I screamed back at her and told her “I’m not telling you to stay here, I’m not yelling at dad for being tired, I just don’t want to move!”

She didn’t stop but got angrier and told me “and where are you going to live? You know we will sell this house right? You know how hard it is to get an apartment? You don’t even know how to cook your own food!”

That didn’t go well…

So at that point I just went back to eating and stopped talking, she still went on about the college and I said to her (while laughing) after that whole hour “mom can I just get some silence you have been talking for an hour. Please I’m trying to eat.”

Then finally she just went on talking about the show on the tv.

Not gonna lie that conversation exhausted me so back I immediately fell asleep at like 5 pm until it was morning.

But moving back to that place is not an option, I don’t dislike it but i don’t love it either.

I just hope she stops talking about it.”

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I hope this kid has a plan because if they don’t it’s gonna be really hard to stay in America on their own.

Good luck, kid!

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