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Their Roommate Took Some Of Their Assigned Space In The Refrigerator, So They Got Rid Of Some Of Their Food

by Matthew Gilligan

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You gotta respect the community refrigerator!

Because if you don’t…THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY.

And this person had enough and decided to take action!

Did they cross the line?

Check out their story and see what you think.

AITA for essentially tossing my housemates food away because they kept using my portion of the fridge?

“I live in a rented house spilt 3 ways. I did not know my roommates before meeting them, all was decided by the landlord.

When I first came, I was informed that specific cabinets/fridge spaces belonged to certain people.

There was a system in place here…

Example: the left side cabin belongs to the renter assigned as #1. The middle assigned as #2. The third assigned as #3 etc. This was told to me by the landlord, it was on my contract and the two housemates seemed to uphold this rule since when I first came, the right side cabinet and bottom of the fridge (which is weirdly every much even?

Like it doesn’t go like a normal fridge and doesn’t have side bars) was stated to be mine. I was strictly told to not impede or use the items of others.

What’s this…?

All was well. In fact I like this rule very much. The problem came when I did some minor grocery shopping and saw some stuff that definitely wasn’t mine in my section of the fridge: almond milk carton+chicken from BJs

I was a little miffed but texted the group chat to ask who it belonged to and why it was in my section. Housemate #1, “Leah”, said it wasn’t hers and confirmed when Housemate #2, “Cheryl”, said it was hers and just needed temporary space because her section was full.

I was a little annoyed and texted that I would’ve appreciated her asking me first but I get that she just needed temporary space. I asked her to come move her stuff of at least let me squeeze it into her section because I just picked up my own groceries.


Cheryl refused and said she was busy, that she already tried to squeeze it in (and to her credit she was right. I had no way of squeezing in the carton + chicken plate without crushing something).

I replied that I’m moving her stuff out my section because I can’t let my stuff rot. I asked Leah in the chat if she would mind me putting Cheryl’s stuff with hers. Leah said no and I respected it.

I left her carton and her chicken plate on the counter, put my groceries in and went about my day. Problems came to head when Cheryl asked to speak with me in the living room.

She went off on me for basically tossing her food away because the chicken and milk weren’t good/safe anymore after being left out. I said sorry but that it was my space in my fridge.

These people sound crazy to me…

Cheryl asked me to compensate but I refused. She said she’d get the landlord involved for touching other peoples items and I got a little hotheaded and said I’ll just get at her for using someone else’s space.

Leah yelled at us to stfu and that we’re both being childish brats and that threatening the landlord is a low blow.


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No room… no problem!

Bye food!

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