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Their Sister Took Their Car Without Permission, So They Reported It Stolen. Now Her Sister Might Lose Her Child Because Of It.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@justplainscott

Don’t help yourself to things that aren’t yours!

And that goes double-time for someone else’s car!

Which brings us to today’s story: was this person wrong when they called the cops about their car?

Let’s see what happened!

AITA for reporting my vehicle as stolen?

“Me 21NB: Me – Sister 22F: Paige – Nephew 1M: Luke – Sisters BF 23M: Rory

Currently I live at home, renting a room from my mom. Paige, Rory, and Luke all live here as well.

I was recently able to buy my first car and I haven’t been able to drive it yet, because I have a broken ankle. I’m the only one on the registration and I pay for everything.

And then, there’s the sister…

Paige is really irresponsible with her belongings and has previously stolen from me, she also doesn’t have her license yet. Rory has crashed both his mom’s car and his car.

So when I got my car I told them that nobody but me was driving it.

They also both smoke and refuse to wait until we’ve parked to smoke. They’ll start smoking while we’re still going, even with Luke present.

I don’t smoke and don’t want anyone to smoke in my vehicle.

They keep asking to borrow it and I’ve been telling them no each time, which leads to them asking mom and me getting yelled at to let them borrow it.

I’ve been sticking to my guns and not letting them borrow it, despite getting punished for it. I’ve also been keeping the key on me so they can’t take it.

Luke has been sick recently, he had his vaccines and is having a mild reaction. Paige called the doctor and everything was normal. She still wanted to take him to the emergency room.

Their sister crossed the line.

I was out of my room at the time and had the key in my purse, in my room. She decided to grab my key and just go, without even asking me.

I went to take the trash out later and noticed my car missing.

I called her and my mom and told them they had 30 minutes to have my vehicle home or I was reporting it stolen, hospital is 15 min away so they would have had time to get it back.

I guess they didn’t believe me because they didn’t show back up with my car.

They finally had enough.

I called the police and my insurance, let them know it was stolen. I told the police what hospital they should be at, and the police showed up.

Rory and Paige both got taken into police custody. Luke was picked up by his dad, whose in the middle of a bad divorce with Paige.

I was able to get my car back, thankfully with no new damage. They had definitely smoked in it though, so I had to deep clean it.

I decided to drop the charges, no need to make the living situation even worse.

However from my understanding the police might still decide to prosecute. I didn’t mean to make their life bad, I just wanted my car back.

CPS showed up at the house and now it’s looking like Paige might lose Luke.

I’ve been really beating myself up over this.

AITA or did I do the right thing?”

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That’s rough. Maybe it’ll make this gal get her life together?

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