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They Didn’t Advise Him He’d Be Responsible For Hefty Customs Tax On His Purchase, So He Made Sure They Made It Right And Then Some

by Trisha Leigh

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No one likes to be surprised by extra charges after they agreed to purchase something online.

Especially not during Christmas, when the budget is stretched to the max.

This guy and his wife bought their son a gift.

So this past Christmas, my missus and I purchased one of our 9yr old son’s Santa gifts from a certain UK sports retail company that also have many stores here in Ireland as well.

It was a football rebounder, kinda like a trampoline that you kick the ball at and it bounces back to you.

Anyway we purchased it from their Irish website and thought nothing more of it.

They ended up having to pay the customs fee before it could be delivered.

A few days go by and we get a notification from a certain brown uniformed courier company that there are customs charges due on something.

As you can imagine we’ve bought many things for the kids so we had to double check what we’ve ordered and we didn’t have anything left that was being imported so we naturally assumed it was a scam.

So I told the wife to call the company and find out who shipped it and it was a different courier company based in the UK.

After a bit of digging and investigating it turns out that it’s our rebounder. They had shipped it from the UK, via a local carrier, to the brown uniformed guys to deliver to us.

Now, my wife and I are both on disability so an additional charge of almost €50 when you’re both already on a fixed income is harsh, especially at Christmas.

So I told her to pay it and I’d deal with the retailer.

He tried to solve it the nice way, through customer service, but it wasn’t happening.

The first day I called I had to call 3 times being stuck on hold for at least 20 minutes each time but I was patient and polite because I’ve worked in a call centre before so I knew those people are only doing their job.

I asked to speak to a manager and was promised a call back each time that never happened. The 2nd day was quite similar.

The 3rd day I was starting to get annoyed so called back, waiting even longer on hold and finally wasn’t taking this crap any longer.

I told the rep that all I wanted was the €50 back because our consumer rights in Ireland dictate that a person must be informed of any additional charges on a purchase, at the very latest, by the final checkout screen.

In this case there was nothing to show that, and I could easily replicate that issue by putting the same item in my basket and going all the way to the checkout screen again and there was nothing saying we’d have to pay import charges.

The rep was indifferent to the situation but tried to “help” and what he said sent me over the edge.

So, he made a threat.

He offered me a measley €20 gift voucher to use on their website, but more importantly he read a statement to me.

He said “we advise our customers that there may be DDU charges (Delivery Duty Unpaid, i.e. customs charges) on any item that gets shipped outside of the UK.”

Then I asked him where it states this information and he paused, then said he didn’t actually know.

I said “Well I know 1 thing, it doesn’t say it anywhere on this transaction because I’ve checked and because this is a violation of my consumer rights i’m going to give your company 1 last chance to make this right. Have your manager call me within the next 60 minutes or I’m going to post this entire debacle on LinkedIn and link every senior officer in your company!”

Then I hung up the phone and waited……. Yet again, no call.

Then, he followed through on it.

The next day I went on LinkedIn and followed through on my promise.

I created a post detailing what they had done by sticking us with hidden charges and that they were ignoring our requests for a manager, and everything they said and did.

Then I tagged EVERY senior officer at that company from the regional managers, through the European directors, all the way to the CEO, and I shamed them for how they operate their company.

This, ladies and gentlemen, was now an act of war.

He called them on every last bit of their bs.

Shortly after I posted that I noticed that they took down the item from their website in an attempt to hide this but they must have thought in a simpleton that doesn’t understand how the internet works.

They didn’t realise that when you searched for “rebounder” on their site, that it shows the item in question so I took a screenshot of that, then another of the item page that was now “missing”, but then I did a Google cached search for the same page and found a version from 2 days prior happily showing the item.

Then I added a comment to my original post highlighting how they were trying to hide it, with the evidence, and trolling them for their heinous behaviour ESPECIALLY at Christmas.

Then I tagged and shamed all the senior officers again, and at this point it was really starting to get some attention, not only publicly, but 3 people in “incognito mode” viewed my profile….I wonder who they could have been…….

So naturally I took a screenshot of the 3 mysterious visitors listed on my profile and did the same thing.

Commented on my own post highlighting it and trolling them for their incompetence.

Finally, they were ready to grovel.

The next morning I got a call from a senior exec at their head office in the UK practically licking my boots with apologies, asking what she can do to make this right.

I told her I originally only wanted my €50 back as it wasn’t fair, nor even legal, that I had to pay it, but since I had to go to such lengths to get their attention now I wanted my €50 back, a full refund on my entire purchase, AND I wanted to keep the product.

That was the only thing that would make this go away. She asked for a couple of hours to fix it and I said ok.

Demands met!

About an hour later I got another call from her again apologising.

She asked for my PayPal address where she sent the €50, then she refunded the whole purchase, and she let us keep the product.

Obviously I thanked her for her help because at that stage I was just happy it was over, but I’ll be danged if I’ll let anyone walk all over my family, even if they are a £58,000,000 annual company.

The most of the story here is, don’t take bull from anyone.

I may be just 1 man, but my sons view of Santa is FAR more valuable to me than the opinion of some retail chain that doesn’t care about it’s customers nor how it operates ethically.

I just know this story is going to delight Reddit!

The top comment congratulates then on being a terrible customer.

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He really went above and beyond.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

He was out there doing the lord’s work.

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This might be the biggest accomplishment of all.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

And inspired a few others while he was at it.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

I wish everyone had the time to follow up like this.

Companies would be much more likely to do the right thing if they did.

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