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They Had Massive Nightmares About Sharks When They Were A Kid. Now They Refuse To Let Their Niece And Nephew Swim During A Trip To The Lake.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@tsasacha

I understand being afraid of the ocean, but this is just plain STRANGE.

And you’ll see what I’m talking about in just a minute!

Check out this person’s Reddit story and see if you think they’re taking things just a little bit too far…

AITA for not allowing my niece and nephew to swim in a lake with their cousins because of how afraid I am of open water?

“I have two sisters. I’m 23, they are 28 (Bec) and 29 (Ada) . Both have kids, I don’t.

We planned to do a family day at a local lake yesterday.

My 29 year old sister’s FIL got sepsis so she had to fly out and asked me to take her two kids to the lake. I said sure. I’m also staying at her house until she gets home. I was not just taking them to the lake.

They’re not so sure about this…

I thought it would be ok even though I have a massive fear of open water (or sharks specifically). It came from when we went to California as kids and I loved the ocean.

Then however the brain works, I had massive nightmares about being grabbed by sharks and I’ve really never swam again. I can go in pools as long as I can touch and see the bottom but a lane, pond, pool at night, etc… will leave me with a pure panic attack.

They couldn’t handle it.

We got to the lake yesterday and I started freaking out in my head. I was ok on the outside but in the inside all I could envision was some sort of shark grabbing my niece and nephew and I wouldn’t be able to do anything about. So I did not let them swim.

They cried of course and Bec said I was being ridiculous. I said I know but I can’t help it.

She called Ada and she told me to let them go in the water, that Bec would he responsible for them. I agreed.

But as soon as they even dipping their toes in, I freaked out and told them no, they had to stay on the beach.

Sounds a bit irrational…

Bec screamed at me that she’s just as related to the kids as I am and she’s overruling me. I grabbed both kids and loaded them in the car and we left.

We went to see the Taylor Swift movie and had a great time and they were happy.

I came out of the movie to about 200 missed angry calls and texts for Ada and Bec about not knowing where I was, me not telling them where I was going while acting so irrationally, etc…

I guess about an hour in the remembered that check FindMyPhone saw we were at a movie so that calmed down but Ada ripped me a new one when I finally called her back and made me feel like such an *******.

I tried to defend myself but she literally told me “there’s no defense for what you did today, you will never watch my kids again.”


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Seems a bit ridiculous to me…

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