May 9, 2024 at 6:33 pm

This Creepy DoorDash Incident Leaves Customer Feeling Vulnerable, So Her Friend Took To TikTok To Warn Others

by Ashley Ashbee

Source: TikTok/@rebeccarogersofficial

Most women will tell you that they have received unwanted and inappropriate contact from strange men while in vulnerable situations.

That’s partly why many of us are extra vigilant when we’re alone around men we don’t know and we use a lot of critical thinking to evaluate potential threats.

So I completely understand why TikToker @rebeccarogersofficial was thoroughly creeped out by the actions of a male DoorDash driver on her friend’s recent order.

She made a video on it that’s gone viral and many of us are thinking it could have gone much, much worse.

Source: TikTok/@rebeccarogersofficial

It started when a friend asked her delivery driver to leave her order outside and said she would pick it up when she had a minute.

His reply? “But, I’m here. You’re not just going to come get it from me?”

Yes, there are many innocent reasons why he’d prefer to hand it to her directly, but it’s a red flag if he doesn’t see why she wouldn’t want to or be able to.

Source: TikTok/@rebeccarogersofficial

“I am in the middle of doing some work, so you can just leave it at the door and I’ll come get it later.”

That should be the end of it, right?


“I’m just trying to do my job,” he replied, irritated. “The least you could do is open your door and come take this food from me.”

Sounds like he’s just following the rules, right? Well, she had marked the “Leave at the door” box and explained that to him, saying “Handing it to me isn’t a part of your job.”

Source: TikTok/@rebeccarogersofficial

He slammed the food down and left in a huff.

Her friend then did what many of us have been socialized to do when a man gets frustrated by our actions to keep ourselves safe.

She asked if it was her fault: “Was I being difficult? Should I have just gone to the door like he wanted?”

“Girl, no. A random, strange man at your door having a temper tantrum because you wouldn’t come out an interact with him?” She responded, like any good friend would. “That sounds SO dangerous.”

She ends by sharing that she’s heard a lot of strange things are going on in this industry and says “Be careful out there.”

Watch the full clip here.


What is going on with these food delivery places?! This is SO WEIRD!😰

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People had a lot to say in the comments.

These people recommend more action than a TikTok video and explain why:

Source: TikTok/@rebeccarogersofficial

Here’s a similar story that can not be interpreted as an innocent misunderstanding.

Source: TikTok/@rebeccarogersofficial

Here’s another disturbing incident.

Source: TikTok/@rebeccarogersofficial

I can understand why she would do it this way.

Source: TikTok/@rebeccarogersofficial

It’s wild that so many of these drivers are either playing dumb or genuinely don’t understand why this is required.

Source: TikTok/@rebeccarogersofficial

I am a pretty laid back person, probably even naive considering how much true crime I watch.

But it’s hard to know where the fine line is between playing it safe and living in fear.

With little to no screening of many people who need to be alone with women as part of their job, it’s good to err on the side of caution when alone.

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