May 16, 2024 at 12:37 pm

This $10,000 Flame-Throwing Robot Dog Can Be Controlled By Bluetooth To Shoot 30 Feet Of Fiery Destruction

by Trisha Leigh

Source: XMatter

I mean, listen. Here in America, we’re not so much on policing what weapons people keep on their property or even on their person.

That said, I would have thought law enforcement might take issue with facing a robot dog that can throw fire up to 30 feet.

Source: XMatter

Or you know, firefighters who are already seriously overworked in the American West.

Ohio-based Throwflame announced the Thermonator – “the first-ever flamethrower-wielding robot dog” – is now available for just a hair under $10K.

Source: XMatter

Thermonator has WiFi and Bluetooth so you can control your apocalypse dog from your smartphone. It also has a one-hour battery, a 30-foot flame-throwing range, and can shoot either gasoline or napalm gel.

The “dog” also comes equipped with a Lidar sensor so you can map and avoid obstacles, laser sighting, and first-person-view navigation.

The base configuration for a quadruped of this type costs about $1600.

In case you’re wondering what on earth people might use this for, aside from generally being a nuisance, the company has some ideas.

Source: XMatter

They see the Thermonator as being used in “wildfire control and prevention,” “agricultural management,” “ecological conservation,” “snow and ice removal,” and “entertainment and SFX.”

Basically any time you might want to set things on fire.

Although flamethrowers can obviously be used as weapons or easily start wildfires, they are not specifically regulated in 48 states. They are not considered firearms by the federal government.

Only Maryland and California have laws on the books that require people who want to own a flamethrower to go through extra hoops.

That said, general product liability and criminal laws could still apply to their sale and subsequent use.

I don’t know, y’all.

This might be one of those “you can, but should you?” moments.

At least for me.

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