May 20, 2024 at 10:36 pm

‘I have to say the new chicken takes it.’ – Taco Bell Customer Says The New Menu Items Are Definitely Worth The Money

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@caleb_lennon

For most of our lives, Taco Bell has been the safe haven for those of us with late night cravings on a budget.

Unfortunately, just like everything else in this world, the beloved chain’s prices are climbing higher and higher, and now even the most basic tacos will run you $2-3 dollars each!

So when Taco Bell announces some hot new item that we “have to try”, I’m sure many of us wonder if whatever they’re pushing is really worth our hard-earned money.

Well according to TikTok user @caleb_lennon, Taco Bell’s new item is definitely worth the money, especially if you pair it with their new sauce!

Check it out!

Source: TikTok/@caleb_lennon

He starts his video with a close up of Taco Bell’s new chicken, which Caleb says might be the best addition Taco Bell has ever made to their menu!

“Today we’re gonna see how this new chicken stacks up against the old chicken, and we’re going to be trying the new sauce that goes with it.”

First up, he tries the chicken by itself, and says it tastes a lot different than he thought, and that its actually more of a barbecue pulled pork-type flavor!

Source: TikTok/@caleb_lennon

Next he compared Taco Bell’s new chicken to the original, which he said he surprisingly hadn’t had in a while.

“You can tell the original is way crunchier than this new one. But with the sauce added, I have to say the new chicken takes it!”

Now I’m really dying to try the new chicken, because as a Taco Bell fan myself, it’s pretty hard to beat the original recipe!

Source: TikTok/@caleb_lennon

For his next test, Caleb tests how the two chicken options compare when topped with Taco Bell’s new Avocado Ranch salsa, or as he calls it “The Shrek Salsa!”

“That tastes way different for sure. It does not taste like the old salsa verde, but I honestly think this is a little bit better.”

And while Caleb does admit this is the only one of Taco Bell’s sauces that costs extra, he does think it’s worth it, especially if you’re trying the new chicken option!

Check out his video for yourself!



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TikTok appreciated the review, but many couldn’t get past the $9 price tag on Taco Bell’s new item.

Source: TikTok/@caleb_lennon

Others were in disbelief that Taco Bell was starting to charge for their sauces!

Source: TikTok/@caleb_lennon

And even the people that really enjoyed the new items said they didn’t merit the money you were paying for them.

Source: TikTok/@caleb_lennon

And finally, this user provided their own live review, and she was just as satisfied as Caleb was!

Source: TikTok/@caleb_lennon

Watching this video has me ready to “Live Más”.

On second thought, let me make sure I have a coupon first.

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