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This Mom Approved A Class Trip, But When She Learned Of Her Daughter’s Bullying Behavior…. She Pulled The Plug

by Ryan McCarthy

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Bullying is often seen by parents and teachers as “kids being kids”, but its effects are felt LONG after you stop being a kid.

Every once in a while, a bully has serious repercussions for their actions, and their victims can gain a little solace knowing that their actions had distinct consequences.

This mom thought the only way her daughter was learn was from some big consequences, so that’s what she decided to do.

WIBTA if I didn’t let my daughter (15F) go to Orlando even though she paid for it?

My daughter Ella is 15.

When she started high school last year, we were told the band would be going on this field trip to Orlando.

Of course, the trip was expensive. Since Ella is growing up, my husband and I decided that if she wanted to go, she would have to pay half of the cost.

Ella agreed, and she started spending weekends or teacher workdays on holidays babysitting her siblings (5M, 9F) for $22 an hour.

Either my husband or I would stay home and make sure everything was alright.

If there were times that both of us had to be out of the house, we’d make sure to ask our neighbors to keep an eye out and pay Ella $25 an hour.

Between babysitting and helping out other family members, Ella had soon saved enough money to cover her half of the trip!

We were never gone for more than 2 hours. Some family members also graciously providing her with money to help her out, cleaning.

Combined with some money she had already saved, Ella was able to make a good amount of money which we were so proud of her for and made sure to voice this to her.

Ella was able to make enough money quickly, so we were planning to sign her up for the trip.

Just before booking the trip, she found out something incredibly troubling…

But earlier this week, I was informed that Ella had been mistreating a girl in her grade for having a mental illness.

Writing awful notes and putting them in the girls bag, spreading disgusting and derogatory rumors, posting things about her online, it’s a whole mess.

When I was called in, I could barely even listen the moment after I was told my daughter was bullying someone.

Mom could hardly believe it, and Ella’s excuse didn’t make things any better!

I thought I had raised her right, told her to treat everyone with respect and kindness.

I’ve never seen any sort of signs or behavior that would ever indicate that Ella even thought badly about others.

Now, after 15 years, I’m told she fat-shamed a little 14 year old girl?

Her excuse being that “someone with an illness shouldn’t be allowed to get a higher test score than her”?

And despite the school’s “zero-tolerance” bullying policy, she wasn’t satisfied with Ella’s punishment.

Ella was given a suspension, but it’s very short.

The school’s motto is that they don’t tolerate bullying at all, yet it feels as if she was only given a slap on the wrist and told not to do it again.

It also feels wrong that I’m thinking this way, but I do think that there should be more done.

The girl Ella had been bullying is also in the band, and I’m pretty sure she will be going to Orlando.

So in an effort to make sure Ella had learned her lesson, she was seriously considering taking away Ella’s hard-earned trip!

Would it be wrong if I didn’t allow Ella to go on the trip?

She paid for half of the trip, but I don’t think she deserves to go.

I can’t think of any other way to punish her.

She loves to read and isn’t on her phone often. She has a good amount of friends, but doesn’t hang out with them often.

What am I supposed to do, take away her books and make her hang out with her friends more??

Even though her husband thought this was unfair, she thought it would be a good teaching moment.

Yeah… I think the trip is a good lesson, but my husband and a good friend of mine don’t agree with the decision, the reasoning being that Ella worked for that money.

I understand what they mean, which is why of course I’ll let Ella keep what she earned, just not let her go on that trip.

I don’t want that girl to have any possibility of being bullied again. WIBTA?

Reddit thought taking away the trip was more than fair, saying all actions have consequences, not just the positive ones.

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Many thought it was a good sign that she understood the weight of her daughter’s bullying.

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But others thought that taking away the trip was only setting up her daughter to be more resentful of the other girl.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This user suggested she sit down with her daughter and talk about the serious effects bullying can have on someone.

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And finally, this user recommended her daughter go to counseling.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Not going to Orlando with your friends is tough, but do you know what’s tougher?

Getting bullied because of things outside your control!

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