May 4, 2024 at 10:32 am

Mom Speaks Out Against Target After Finding What She Thinks Is Inappropriate Kids’ Clothing On Their Racks

by Ashley Ashbee

Source: TikTok/@thecrazycreativeteacher

When I was a kid, clothing for children looked like clothing for children.

For many years now, kids clothing tends to look like miniature versions of adult clothing.

This bothers some parents more than others.

Mom @Thecrazycreativeteacher and her daughter were shopping at Target when she spotted dresses she initially thought would be “so cute for Easter.”

Until she looked closer.

“I’m a little more conservative when it comes to my kids clothes,” she says in the opening of her viral TikTok video.

Source: TikTok/@thecrazycreativeteacher

She then shows her viewers some dresses on a rack, noting the slits on all of them “right at the hips.”

Source: TikTok/@thecrazycreativeteacher

She clarifies that she wouldn’t have a problem with this feature for a dress for 12 year olds, but it crosses a line at dresses for 6 to 7 year olds.

Source: TikTok/@thecrazyc reativeteacher

Watch the full clip here.



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Let’s see what people had to say in the comments.

This person sees this as a symptom of a much deeper psychological issue.

Source: TikTok/@thecrazycreativeteacher

These commenter holds retailers accountable and thinks there is some sort of agenda.

Source: TikTok/@thecrazycreativeteacher

It’s bad enough that women’s clothing doesn’t have pockets.

Source: TikTok/@thecrazycreativeteacher

Some people didn’t interpret this as sexualization of children.

Source: TikTok/@thecrazycreativeteacher

Excellent points. Let kids be kids and keep it simple.

Source: TikTok/@thecrazycreativeteacher

As consumers, we can actively avoid buying from retailers who are doing things we ethically disagree with.

Acting with your wallet is the best way to help influence a market.

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