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Neighbor Won’t Stop Walking Through Their Yard, So They Ended Up Building A Spite Fence

by Matthew Gilligan

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You should only have to ask people things like this once.

Notice that I said SHOULD…because we all know that people can be stubborn for no reason whatsoever!

And it sounds like that’s what’s going on here.

Check out this person’s story and see if you think they were out of line.

AITA for asking my neighbor to please stop cutting across my yard?

“I have just moved into my new home. I carry a lot of pride for the places I have and enjoy my privacy.

When I first moved here to my home, I noticed an indent in my lawn from the back window. Then I saw kids using my yard to cut across to the next house over.

The next day I was cleaning my new home so I can be move in ready and saw the older man of the house next door use my property to go to his, like he owned the place.

Off my lawn!

I said and requested politely “please stay off my lawn and out of my yard I’m going to have to plant some seeds and restore the grass, I also like my privacy as do my children.”

At the time he seemed to have obliged my request and looked like everyone was going around which might have added 50 extra steps to their walk around, which is also paved and not going to leave a muddy trail in my new to me back yard. There did not seem to be what I assumed and issue.

Didn’t you hear me the first time?

One week later, my kids caught him walking across the yard and I decided to place a make shift fence (which does look tacky as hell) to keep them out which at this time the older man did not like my fence and referenced it to being childish.

I replied back with “I’m trying to have the grass grow back and have asked you before to please not cut through my yard. He then says “I have cancer and can’t walk well.” I replied I’m sorry you have cancer but that’s no excuse to walk through someone’s yard. He scoffed at me.

I replied if I had a fence up wouldn’t you be walking around anyways? Please I have asked you once to stay off my lawn, I am serious about reseeding my lawn but can’t if you keep trespassing through.

I go back out a few minutes later with a sign saying “no trespassing, keep off grass, grass restoration in progress.”

Things escalated.

He then says “I need to talk to you, cause there is no need for this attitude!” I replied”attitude your the one making my children uneasy. Also refusing to keep you a simple request.” Then he continues “why do you want to go to war with your neighbors?”

I interrupted with “hold on let me graby phone because the only one giving attitude is you.” He then mutters under his breath, **** off, you *****. So that’s where that went…

I asked him kindly once, at the time there appeared to be an agreement then he continues because he assumed no one was looking and got caught.

I am at a loss. I don’t want to go to war but I also want a nice lawn with no one trecking through and my children to be safe without the worry of someone looking in Their window when walking by.

I will be purchasing better yard equipment to keep people out but worried if I do what the neighbor is going to be about it. He doesn’t seem to like the word no.


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Time to get some new neighbors!

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