May 27, 2024 at 2:30 pm

Shopper Reveals How A Common Brand Of Face Wash Is Actually The Secret Hack To Stopping Body Odor

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@hailykeenan24

Anyone who has struggled with acne knows there’s about a million different products that all promise they’re the cure.

I cannot tell you how many different face washes and creams I tried during high school, but only really ended up with dry skin.

But apparently one of those washes, Panoxyl, actually has another use that is a complete revolution for all of us who struggle with excessive sweating.

According to @hailykeenan24, putting Panoxyl underneath your arms in the shower actually kills a lot of the bacteria that causes body odor!

Check out her video for yourself!

Source: TikTok/@hailykeenan24

Her video starts in the middle of a target shopping trip, which she interrupts to give us a game-changing but unexpected skincare tip!

“If you use Panoxyl, which you should it’s just 10% benzoyl peroxide face wash, use it in your armpits!”

Now if you were ready to put your phone down in shock, you’re not alone, but give Hailey a chance!

Source: TikTok/@hailykeenan24

Apparently the face-wash does more than just rid your face of unwanted dirt and grime!

“It kills any and all bacteria, so that the bacteria doesn’t make you smell bad!”

This is big news for us sweaty folks. HUGE.

While sweat alone doesn’t smell, when your sweat mixes with the bacteria on your skin, that’s when you start getting a little ripe.

Source: TikTok/@hailykeenan24

It might seem crazy, but Hailey swears by it!

“So, like, use it as a mask while you shower, you will never smell bad again!”

For all of us looking to see if this actually works, doctors on the internet (so take this with a grain of salt) recommend leaving the Panoxyl under your arms for 3 minutes to get the full effect!

Check out her video for yourself!


If panoxyl has 1 million fans, I am one of them. If panoxyl has 100 fans, I am one of them. If panoxyl has 0 fans, I am dead. (generic 10% benzoyl peroxide fashwash will do the exact same thing) #panoxyl #facewash #hygeinetips

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TikTok was shook at this news, but many people hoped it didn’t mean their local Target would sell out of their favorite face wash!

Source: TikTok/@hailykeenan24

This user recommended waiting a while to do this after you have shaved.

Source: TikTok/@hailykeenan24

And some even said it helped lighten the skin under their arms.

Source: TikTok/@hailykeenan24

Finally, this user said it helped a lot with preventing razor bumps from shaving!

Source: TikTok/@hailykeenan24

Who knew Panoxyl had so many other uses?

Miracle product alert!

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