May 26, 2024 at 6:32 pm

Woman Gets Real About Tipping Hairdressers, And Why This Time She Didn’t Tip

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@realgsimone

To tip, or not to tip…

That is the question…

And a woman named Simone didn’t hold back on TikTok when she explained why she DIDN’T tip after she got her hair done.

Simone said things were going fine until it was time to untangle her hair and that’s when things got weird…

Source: TikTok/@realgsimone

She explained, “It does take a little extra effort to do my hair in its entirety. But as she was doing my hair, she was making comments like, ‘oh my god,’ ‘oy vey,’ huffing and puffing.”

The hairdresser took things a step further when she started complaining in Spanish…but the woman didn’t realize that Simone understands that language.

Source: TikTok/@realgsimone

She said, “She could have done that to the wrong person with 4C hair, and that might have made that person go get a perm. That might have made that person go get a keratin treatment.”

Simone said that she was going to give the woman a small tip but decided against it and explained, “One, you’re not going to disrespect my hair texture, and two, you’re not going to disrespect my intelligence because you think that I don’t understand you.”

Source: TikTok/@realgsimone

Here’s the video.


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Now check out how people reacted.

One person summed it up perfectly.

Source: TikTok/@realgsimone

Another viewer shared their own story.

Source: TikTok/@realgsimone

And this person also had a story to tell.

Source: TikTok/@realgsimone

Yeah, tips are something you earn.

You’re not getting them if you insult your customer.