May 21, 2024 at 6:41 am

Want Free Drinks At Panera? One Customer Has Figured Out How To Make It Happen.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@mkmsharp

Free drinks?!?! I’m in!

A woman named @mkmsharp posted a video on TikTok and shared a pretty important hack with viewers…how to get a free drink when you visit a Panera location.

Source: TikTok/@mkmsharp

She told viewers, “I have not paid for a drink at Panera for the last like two years.”

She said she used to belong to Panera’s now-defunct Sip Club to get free drinks, but now she’s going a different route.

Source: TikTok/@mkmsharp

She explained, “Just like everybody else, I would walk up and I’d grab a cup and I’d go get whatever the **** I wanted. And now they took that option away. Now, I just walk up very confidently say, ‘Hi, can I just have like the large cup?’ and they always give it to me.”

She added, “If it ever fails and they’re like, ‘Yeah, you actually have to pay for it.’ I’m just gonna be like, ‘Yeah, that’s what I was trying to do like can I… I just want a large drink.’”

“And then make them feel stupid but really I was the one who was trying to scam. I hope that doesn’t happen but I did get this one for free today.”

Source: TikTok/@mkmsharp

Here’s her video.

Check out how folks reacted.

This viewer shared their thoughts.

Source: TikTok/@mkmsharp

Another TikTokker who works at Panera sounded off.

Source: TikTok/@mkmsharp

And this person admitted what they do at Panera…

Source: TikTok/@mkmsharp

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