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Woman Let Her Siblings Move Into Her House For A While, But Now She Wants Them Gone To Make Room For Her Boyfriend

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

The older you get, the harder it is to live with family members.

And that’s a fact, Jack!

So is this woman a jerk for wanting her siblings to get the hell out of her house?

Let’s take a look at what’s going on here…

AITA for asking my siblings to move out of my house?

“I bought my house in January 2020, I was 23 at the time and I paid the down payment 50% from personal savings and 50% from gifts from my family.

I live in a city about two hours away from my parents, obviously Covid lockdown happened, and in July 2020 my older brother, James, started working as a Doctor in the hospital near me.

I was living alone and he had just gone through a breakup and I thought it would be nice for us to live together.

He wasn’t done letting people move in yet…

Subsequently in September 2022 my younger sister started a new course in the city, originally she was commuting from my parents and staying a few nights a week with me, after awhile this got to much and she moved in.

I love my siblings, I like living with them but it’s all a bit much. I might as well live with my parents at this point and it’s all getting a bit much as the family seems involved in everything.

Sounds like a crowded house.

The final straw is that both my siblings now have partners, as do I. So regularly there are 6 of us – and like everyone has JOBS and money and we don’t need to all be in one house.

My boyfriend is moving in, my house is in a better location and is nicer, than his apartment. I have asked my siblings if they could move out by the end of the summer (September).

At first they were both fine with this, however now James has said he doesn’t understand why I don’t just move in with my boyfriend rather than kicking out my brother and sister.

My sister has subsequently now said it’s ‘not fair’ because my pre to helped pay for the house.

AITA for asking them to move out?”

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Yeah, these people need to GO!

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