May 1, 2024 at 6:26 am

Woman Reveals The Secret Mechanism In Car Door Handles That Will Keep Them Locked Down

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@jmac8781

The internet is constantly teaching us the real way to use things we’ve all been taking for granted of all our lives.

Whether it be screwdrivers, band-aids, or even the lids of fast food soda, it seems like you get all sorts of hidden knowledge from scrolling through your for you page!

But one thing I didn’t expect TikTok to teach me about was car handles, which I thought were added to cars for your Mom to dramatically grab when she’s teaching you how to drive!

But TikTok user @jmac8781 showed all of us that these handles actually have a secret mechanism that keeps them locked down whether you’re holding them or not!

Check it out!

Source: TikTok/@jmac8781

Her video starts off with one of those online hack videos, but this one actually reveals something pretty interesting!

Those handles above the doors of your car, the ones that always flip back up as soon as you let go?

Well they actually have little components that you can flip to make sure they stay down, even if you aren’t holding them!

Source: TikTok/@jmac8781

Jess couldn’t believe it, and decided to embark on a journey of her own to see if this hack was worth it’s salt.

And after grabbing her keys and trekking down to her apartment’s parking garage, she was ready to see if the video was right!

Source: TikTok/@jmac8781

And much to her shock, it was! You learn something new every day!

I don’t think I’ve ever given those handles a second thought, except for when I was kid bored on road trip.

I don’t know when this information will ever come in useful, but at least I’ll be able to surprise my friends whenever they get in my car!

Check out her video for yourself!


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TikTok was shook at this new piece of information, with many saying TikTok was an educational platform at this point.

Source: TikTok/@jmac8781

And even users without cars were dying to know if this hack actually worked.

Source: TikTok/@jmac8781

This user wondered why his car didn’t come with instructions for moments like these.

Source: TikTok/@jmac8781

And finally, many users appreciated her journey down to her car, saying it was as dramatic as any blockbuster!

Source: TikTok/@jmac8781

The more you know, right?

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