May 27, 2024 at 10:47 pm

Woman’s Cruise Turns Into A Nightmare When She Wakes Up To The Entire Second Floor Flooding

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@only1daj

In theory, a cruise seems like so much fun.

Getting to see new places in the world, basking out in the sun by the pool everyday, hitting up the bar and looking out at the ocean.

What’s not to love?

Unfortunately for TikTok user @only1daj, she woke up to find not only her room, but the entire second floor of the Carnival Sunrise covered in water!

Check out her horrifying video for yourself!

Source: TikTok/@only1daj

Their horrifying video starts off with a sight that has haunted many a nightmare: a hallway filling up with water.

Daja, who was a passenger on the Carnival Sunrise was left shocked when water that looks to be a couple of inches deep was pouring in!

Anyone who has seen Titanic knows this is when you run for the lifeboats! I would be off of that ship even if the water was only because of a faulty pipe!

Source: TikTok/@only1daj

As we see in the video, Carnival is obviously working very hard to fix this issue, with staff rushing around trying to repair the damage.

They look like the team the government sends in when there’s been some crazy outbreak or infection, and they would be doing nothing to calm my nerves!

Source: TikTok/@only1daj

According to Daja’s caption “We stayed on the second floor, our entire hall and the rooms were flooded.”

And in the video, the flooding is only made worse because you can see bits of trash and litter floating through the water, which means the water which is seeping into your bedroom!

Check out her video for yourself!


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After watching her video, TikTok was seriously reconsidering their upcoming cruises!

Source: TikTok/@only1daj

And many said they had just recently seen another Carnival cruise ship go up in flames!

Source: TikTok/@only1daj

This user said if they woke up on a boat and felt water they’d think the end was near.

Source: TikTok/@only1daj

While this user would immediately find something to float on, Titanic-style.

Source: TikTok/@only1daj

Finally, this commenter said they wouldn’t be able to get the life vest on fast enough!

Source: TikTok/@only1daj

Carnival, what has been going with you guys lately?

We’re not getting the best vibes.

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