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A Contractor Wouldn’t Stop Blocking Their Driveway, So Home Owner Made Sure He Got Penalized For Their Laziness

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit

Fool me once…shame on you…

Fool me twice…well, you know the rest

What I’m trying to say is that you can let someone screw you over once, but once you try to set them straight and they do it again, you gotta take action!

This person got sick and tired of a contractor’s actions and they decided to take action. Did they act like a jerk?

Check out their story and see what you think.

AITA for calling parking enforcement on my neighbors contractor?

“Two weeks ago my neighbor’s contractor parked on the street blocking my driveway. I found him and asked him to move.

He told me he needed 30 min and I said I can’t wait I have to pick my kids up at school. He asked how long I could wait and I said 10 min.

He got upset with me, and said fine, he would move in 10. He moved after 15, and I got to school 2 min after pickup and my daughter was waiting in the office.

Dude, what the hell?!?!

When I got back he was blocking my driveway again, I couldn’t find him. I parked on the street and texted my neighbor. He asked him to move, but he didn’t move for an hour.

Early last week he parked blocking my driveway again, fortunately while I was out. I parked on the street and I couldn’t find him, I texted the neighbor again, who tracked him down and got him to move.

It still took him an hour to move. Then last Friday I got parked in again, and the contractor was on the roof. He said he couldn’t come down until he finished things. I texted my neighbor and he said he was out and the contractor wasn’t answering.

Here we go again…

I had to get a ride from someone else to get my kids.

The contractor was still there when I got back, so I called parking enforcement and they came and gave the contractor a ticket for blocking my driveway.

The neighbor is mad and called me an ******* for calling parking enforcement and since I was able to get a ride from someone else I should have let it go.

He also said his contractor is mad and wants me to pay the fine.

However, every time I asked him he gave me attitude or took a long time and my neighbor couldn’t get him to move either.

So I think I am justified in calling parking enforcement after this happening multiple times.”

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