June 19, 2024 at 6:29 pm

‘You’re really just buying peace of mind.’ – Car Expert Shared What He Thinks Are The Three Best Car Engines

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@rudycars2

I love these kinds of videos!

I’m gonna need to buy a new car at some point, and I like to keep these nuggets of info in a special compartment in my brain for later use.

A man shared a video on TikTok and talked about what he thinks are the best car engines available to consumers.

He titled his video “Car Engines That Don’t Break.”

Source: TikTok

First, the man recommended the Toyota Camry because of the 2.5-liter-four-cylinder engine. He said, “You buy a Camry, you’re really just buying peace of mind. Their four-cylinder engine is very, very, very reliable. You can’t go wrong with the Toyota Camry.”

Next was the Toyota Avalon. He told viewers, “This V6 engine was literally designed with the intention of not breaking.”

Source: TikTok

And finally, the man recommended the Honda Civic and explained, “The Honda Civic is such a smart bod, because No 1., They’re sporty looking and 2. The engines are tried and true, they don’t break.”

Source: TikTok

Take a look at the video.


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Now check out what folks had to say on TikTok.

This viewer is a big fan of her Camry.

Source: TikTok

Another TikTokker shared their thoughts.

Source: TikTok

And this person has had a great Land Cruiser!

Source: TikTok

Free car advice is simply the best!

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