June 3, 2024 at 10:31 pm

McDonald’s Employee Dishes On Why Workers Don’t Like To Give Customers Extra Sauces

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@enfinitymusic

I’ve wondered about this before…

Why are McDonald’s employees so hesitant to give customers sauces when they ask for them?

And even if they do dole them out, why do they give folks the bare minimum?

A Mickey D’s employee named Eve tried to set the record straight in a video she posted on TikTok.

Eve said, “You know what is gonna happen about 20 minutes after you leave? I’m going to have two white managers come up to me and talk to me more condescending than I’ve ever been talked to in my life about that particular sauce.”

Source: TikTok/@enfinitymusic

She continued, “And from every shift there on, they’re going to be watching me like a hawk to make sure that I give out one to two extra sauces if asked and charged. Not to mention that, to get extra sauce, you would have to pay, which means we will have to make another transaction.”

Eve added, “In the drive-thru setting, that is not gonna work, and in a packed inside setting, that is not gonna work.”

Source: TikTok/@enfinitymusic

Eve continued, “The bigger point is the management controls us, and the management is gonna get on us about not only giving you the extra sauce, but then they’re gonna get on us about time when we’re spending time bickering back and forth with you about sauce [that] you could have asked for two windows ago.”

She concluded by saying, “We, as fast food workers, are sending these jobs for 6 to 12 hours at a time doing the same thing over and over, whether it’s taking orders, making the food, cleaning up. So I want y’all to be cognizant of that, and moving forward, if you want extra, pay for it.”

Source: TikTok/@enfinitymusic

Let’s take a look at the video.


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Now check out how folks reacted on TikTok.

This viewer made a good point.

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Another person talked about their Mickey D’s experience.

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And one person nailed it.

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I figured there had to be rules in place.

Because no one cares that much about ketchup.

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