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After His Roommate Pulled A Prank On Him, He Found The Perfect Way To Get Back At Him With The Help Of Prayer

by Abby Jamison

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge/Pexels/RDNEStockproject

Sometimes, inspiration strikes at the best times… almost like a gift from God!

In this case, a guy decided to get his roommate back after a funny prank, and it made for some seriously great revenge.

Let’s get the full story…

Petty revenge sent from God himself

So… At the time i was about 25(m) and used to work in a casino. Me and my co-worker (lets call him Zed) shared a flat, were basically roommates.

On one weekend he was free and i worked the night. He went drinking with some other colleagues.

After the shift i went straight to bed. It wasn’t long that Zed came home drunk with a few of the colleagues and they thought it would be hilarious if they barge into my room screaming at the top of their lungs.

The prank worked…

Well yea… I think i peed a little from the scare and shock.

To his defense, he did apologize and he didn’t do anything like that ever again, he was a straight and good guy all in all but with hiccups in his judgement.

So, to the revenge part.

One week went by and it was Sunday morning. This time i was free and he had the night at the Casino.

That morning i wanted to go for a run and go get a coffee and breakfast from a hotel cafeteria nearby. (It was cheap and good. For a all you can eat buffet 8€.)

As soon as i opened the door, there they stood, angels sent from God himself.

He saw a great opportunity…

2 little old ladies with bibles in their hands and a bunch of Yehowa witnesses brochures. The conversation went like so:

Me: Good morning 🙄

LoL: Good morning, do you have time, we want to talk to you about God and Jesus Christ our savior.

Me: (Looking for a way to escape by jumping out of the third story window) “Ermmm…” Then it struck me, the light from above.

Me: Im so sorry, i have an urgent appointment, but my friend, i know for a fact, he is very interested in this topic and he tried to talk to me about exactly this topic the other day. Step right in and just go through that door into his room. He will be so happy to be able to talk to you!

You could literally see a fire blazing in their eyes as i told them that, they stepped in, i closed the door and off i was!

About 2 hours later i get a call. Its my roommate…

The plan worked…

To cut the conversation short, the Little old ladies barges into his room, sat on his bed, woke him up and just started talking.

He, in a sleepy stupor, was flabbergasted, and couldn’t even say a word. Also he used to sleep naked and he was clinging to his blanket as if his life depended on it.

The ladies talked to him for a good hour and a half and because he is a polite guy and because he was in a state of shock didn’t kick them out but listened to them the whole time.

When they were done, they gave him a couple of their brochures and left the apartment.

He needed the next 30 minutes just to get his bearings and realize that he in fact isn’t dreaming.

I laughed so hard i nearly choked on my coffee. To this day, he says it was the best revenge served to him ever.

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