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Angry Manager Demanded To Be Called Every Time Things Went Wrong. His Phone Ended Up Ringing All Night.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

Hey, you asked for it, boss!

Sometimes, all you can do in a work situation is give your manager exactly what they want…

And that can be enough to make them realize that they MESSED UP.

Check out what this worker did to their boss…we think you’ll get a kick out of it.

I had my employees call and wake up my boss every 15 minutes…

“I supervised a glass manufacturing department.

One night we had an issue with a thermocouple that controls the temperature of the glass.

Because it was creating nuisance alarms, the operator disconnected it and forgot to notify the next shift to monitor it manually.

We lost control of the furnace for a couple of hours, and scrapped the product.

This made some people pretty angry.

The plant manager came in that morning screaming and ripped the entire staff a new one.

We were trying to explain that the thermocouple needed to be fixed, but instead he continued to yell at us, tell us we were idiots and told us to monitor it and notify him every time it went into alarm, or else he would fire us.

To further reprimand us, he insisted that we call him at home in the evening every time that temperature went into alarm so he could insure we were doing our jobs.

Oh, really?

What he did not know, and what we knew was that the alarm for the broken thermocouple happened about every 15 minutes.

My operator was worried and asked me what he should do.

“Since the plant manager was so insistent,” I told the operator to “wait until AFTER midnight, then call and inform him EVERY time it happened according to HIS direct request.”

The Plant Manager came into work the next morning very bleary-eyed, and sheepishly told us that we did not have to do that again.

He finally listened to us and we got the problem fixed.”

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