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Annoying Neighbor Talked Trash About A Teacher After She Refused To Tutor Her Son, So The Instructor Provided Receipts And Exposed Them As A Liar

by Sarrah Murtaza

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Some parents can be really fussy when it comes to their children. And then there are parents who are actually pretty problematic!

This girl went through dealing with an annoying parent while she was offering tutoring classes to children in the neighborhood.

Check out what this mother did!

AITA for exposing a neighbor as a liar?

A couple of years ago, I needed to earn some cash, so I started offering tutoring lessons in English to children in my neighborhood (this was pre-pandemic).

One of the neighborhood moms, “Clara” (40-ish) had asked me to tutor her son (12) because he was falling behind in class.

I said sure, told her my price per hour, she agreed, and sent her son at the agreed date.

However, her son told me that I was going to tutor him in math and sciences.

Doesn’t sound like a very big problem right? Just a minor misunderstanding but that doesn’t seem to be the case for the mother..

I texted Clara and asked her to come talk to me but she wouldn’t answer. Eventually, the kid had to go home.

I told him I wouldn’t charge him the time he stayed, but I needed to ask his mom to come talk to me asap.

And Clara lashes out for sending her child to the wrong teacher!

A few hours later Clara arrived at my apartment fuming, because I hadn’t tutored her kid.

I told her that I was an ENGLISH tutor, I had no intentions of tutoring anyone outside of that subject.

She threw a fit about me not catering to her needs. I told her she needed to find a proper tutor for her kid. She left just as angry as she arrived and I left it at that.

While the issue got dismissed there, Clara created more trouble for this girl..

Fast forward to this year, I began offering tutoring lessons again, but I noticed that the kids from my neighborhood wouldn’t ask me for lessons.

I still got other students through some of my parents’ contacts, but it kept me thinking.

Then I learned through my nail tech “Gabi” that there was a moms WhatsApp group (I had no idea because I am neither a mom and my mom has no children of school age, which were the requirements to be part of it).

And in that group, Clara started talking bull about me, as soon as someone had mentioned that I was offering tutoring lessons again.

Oh the things she said about her..

She would say that I refused to tutor her son, and that I secretly hate single moms.

I know it sounds ridiculous, I myself couldn’t believe it until Gabi showed me the texts.

I asked Gabi to add me to the group.

And then there was time for some revenge..

She did, and I immediately sent screenshots of my conversation with Clara, and sent a text explaining my conversations with her and her son.

After that I put down my phone and focused on getting my nails done.

When I looked at the chat again, I had been kicked out, Gabi showed me that Clara was frantically trying to pin the blame on me, saying that the texts were fake, that I was set on destroying her reputation, that I was trying to destroy her family, etc.

Basically, she was throwing a tantrum.

There were clearly some consequences, positive and negative ones..

Some moms sided with Clara and sent me scalding texts about me being an awful person to put Clara through that, and others apologized for believing her and asked me if I was still available for tutoring lessons.

My mom told me that even if I was angry and what Clara did was wrong, I shouldn’t have exposed her like that in the group chat, that I should’ve texted her privately and have her apologize to me directly, which I doubt would’ve happened.

Still, I’m having second thoughts about how I handled things.

AITA for exposing her as a liar in the group chat instead of talking to her privately?

Yikes! this mother really seems like she likes stirring some issues.

Let’s see what folks on Reddit say about this story.

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It seems like mom just wanted some drama because the problem was non-existent.

It never pays to lie!

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