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Bully Keeps On Taking His Food, So He Plots Revenge In The Form Of A Special Sandwich

by Heide Lazaro

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Bullies are annoying, especially those who forcefully take food from you during lunchtime.

But when a bully messes with a smart and creative kid, the revenge can be so explosive.

Find out how this boy got back to his bully by making him a special sandwich.

Special Sandwich Just For You

I went to a high school reunion last weekend, and while we were all reliving our glory days, this story came up, one that I had not thought about in decades.

The two principal characters are “Marf” (a nickname based on his last name) and Dickie, who was not only a bully, but a total jerk.

Marf gave me permission to use his nickname.

Now, it’s getting clearer why Dickie has such a nickname.

Dickie would wait until Marf put his lunch tray down on the table, sneak up, and snatch his food (usually a sandwich or burger) and take a huge bite out of it.

Lots of laughter, and usually someone would tell Marf to just tear off a piece with the bite taken out of it, and then he could eat his sandwich.

Marf refused, and on more than one occasion, he would just dump the tray and go to his locker where he kept snacks.

Apparently, Marf didn’t want to just shut up and do nothing about it.

He and his best friend plotted revenge.

They tried different ways, and eventually came up with a sandwich over-stuffed with tomato sauce that would explode when a bite was taken out of it.

To keep it from leaking, they put a ring of peanut butter around the edges, disguising it as a peanut butter sandwich, and using the peanut butter to seal the edges together.

Marf and his best friend had to find the perfect time.

The day they brought in the special sandwich, it was announced during home room that morning that picture day would be two days later.

So they aborted the mission until picture day.

And so the day of the mission came…

It went perfectly.

Dickie grabbed the very plump sandwich, and the peanut butter held it together until he squeezed it while taking a big bite.

Tomato sauce came flying out, covering Dickie’s hair, face, and the front of the white shirt and clip-on tie he was wearing. And ran down onto his pants, shoes, and the floor.

Now, everyone found out about Dickie’s behavior.

When the lunch room monitor rushed over and asked what happened, a bunch of us (I was one of them) told her that Dickie had stolen Marf’s lunch and started eating it.

Then it came out that Dickie had been taking bites out of Marf’s food all year.

Poor Dickie.

Dickie was not allowed to eat in the cafeteria for the rest of the year, and his parents (who were horrified) voluntarily put money into Marf’s lunch account.

We never did see how Dickie’s pictures turned out.

Do you think Dickie deserves what happened to him?

Let’s see what the commenters’ reactions are about this funny bullying story.

This person commends the bully’s parents.

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This commenter thinks that timing is everything.

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge

This might have been the case, but we’ll never know.

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge

Petty yet brilliant!

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge

And lastly, this person is pretty impressed by Marf and his friend’s plan that he thinks they can be powerful leaders.

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge

What goes around comes around.

Bullies beware. People can really be smart in plotting revenge.

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