June 8, 2024 at 2:38 pm

Dad Tells Wife That He’s Just As Responsible For Looking After Their Kids As Her – ‘I’ll watch our child… You don’t babysit your kid.’

by Ashley Ashbee

Source: TikTok/@julieandcorey

Historically, moms have been the primary caregiver of her children.

Today there is less social pressure in the western world now to stick to rigid, archaic gender roles, but for some moms, those changes aren’t happening soon enough.

That’s probably why there’s a viral trend on TikTok of moms asking the father of their children if he’d like to babysit to see how they respond.

Keep reading to see how the dad from the @julieandcorey account gives moms everywhere the answer they’re looking for.

Source: TikTok/@julieandcorey

“Can you babysit?” the mom Julie asks from her phone while recording the father of her child, Corey.

“Babysit who?” he replies, looking puzzled.

“Our child.”

It looks like a trick question, but Corey seems to know why she’s asking and he knows just what to say.

“Why are you saying ‘babysit’? I’ll watch our child… You don’t babysit your kid.”

Source: TikTok/@julieandcorey

“Well, can you then?”

The exchange appears to be staged but the sentiment seems genuine.

Julie tells Corey she’ll be gone for two hours, suggesting he may change his tune about a longer time alone with his daughter.

Source: TikTok/@julieandcorey

But he doesn’t budge. “Spend quality time, have a daddy-daughter day, sure.” He laughs and says, “I’ll hang out with her and watch her.”

This viral trend seems to be part of the continuing debate online about gender roles and how they can affect relationships and general wellbeing.

The video ends with Corey joking, “I’m not sitting on any babies. It’s not happening.”

Heres the full clip.


the confusion 🤣🤣 #trend #prank

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Check out what people are saying.

I thought that was so cute. I bet he’d have a tea party with her.

Source: TikTok/@julieandcorey

Some women found his healthy attitude attractive. Watch out!

Source: TikTok/@julieandcorey

A bunch of people said they’re sure he thought she meant someone else’s kids and I seriously doubt that. This was clearly staged as part of their brand.

Source: TikTok/@julieandcorey

It was sad to see stories of husbands who weren’t like this at all. I’m glad those women moved on.

Source: TikTok/@julieandcorey

Such a green flag!

Source: TikTok/@julieandcorey

So what if this was staged, people are appreciating the message they’re advocating.

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