June 20, 2024 at 6:29 pm

Employees At A Dealership Talked About The Best Cars That Not Many People Buy

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@autofairtoyota

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A helpful camera person at a Toyota dealership in Massachusetts posted a video on TikTok and asked employees there a simple but helpful question: what are good cars that no one ever buys?

Source: TikTok

The interviewer made their way around the Toyota dealership seeing what workers thought about this question.

Two answers were the Toyota RAV 4 Prime and the Toyota Supra.

Source: TikTok

Two workers both said the Toyota Crown and another employee’s choice was the Volvo XC90.

Good to know!

Source: TikTok

Take a look at the video.


We asked our salespeople… “What’s a good car no one ever buys?” Gearpatrol.com published an article last year (2023) with 14 great cars that no one bought. One Toyota and three Lexus vehicles made the list. Take a look: Ford GT – Units Sold = 31 Nissan GT-R – Units Sold = 390 Audi R8 – Units Sold = 631 Audi TT – Units Sold = 725 Lexus RC – Units Sold = 1,752 Lexus LC – Units Sold = 1,761 Nissan Z – Units Sold = 1,771 Audi A7 – Units Sold = 1,810 BMW Z4 – Units Sold = 1,883 Lexus LS – Units Sold = 2,234 Audi A8 – Units Sold = 2,259 BMW XM – Units Sold = 2,315 Volkswagon – Units Sold = 2,347 Toyota GR Supra – Units Sold = 2,652 #toyota #lexus #carsales #saleslife #cardealership #cars #dealershiptiktok

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Here’s what people had to say on TikTok.

This person shared their thoughts.

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Another individual agreed with one of the choices.

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And this TikTok user thinks this was all wrong…

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