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He Asked His Sister When She’s Going To Pay Him Back The $3,000 She Borrowed. Her Response Amounts To “Probably Never.”

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Things get murky when money comes between family members…

And all this guy wants is his $3,000 back!

But is he treating his sister badly?

Read his story below and see what you think…

AITA: broke sister won’t pay back rich brother?

“Two years ago, I lent my sister $3,000 to be repaid when our $30k inheritance from our grandmother came in.

It was supposed to come in within months, but it took two years due to numerous reasons.

They don’t sound very responsible.

During those two years, my sister and her husband went into debt to have a six-figure wedding.

Shortly after, it appears both of them started having issues with their incomes and have also been struggling with their debt.

Her husband owns a few restaurants, apparently they aren’t doing well enough to support their lifestyle.

Just a complete and utter financial disaster.

I patiently wait for the inheritance to finally come in, and then my sister messages me saying she is not going to pay me until she fixes her situation.

They are selling their share of a business and I’ll get paid then.

He finally spoke up.

After some months of waiting I message her:

“Hey do you have an update on repaying me? I was supposed to get paid back after the inheritance came. My loan to you was just 10% of the inheritance. What did you do with the inheritance funds?”

I asked her what she did with the inheritance funds because unless it was used to pay down debt immediately, I don’t see any justification for not paying me.

I heard she had invested a portion of it in the market.

I strongly feel that paying me back takes precedence over investing (gambling?) it in the market.

His sister wasn’t happy about this…

Her response in full:

Do you sit in [location] and think hmmmm, let me ask my sister for 3k

“What did you do with the inheritance funds”

Like what are you on about

It’s called, we are actively trying to fix our situation. So no I am not paying you 3k until I do

And that is my final answer

If you would like to complain more when your net worth is SIGNIFICANTLY more than mine

I have explained very clearly that [husband] does not have a salary

If you message me again about this until I tell you that we’re good, do not expect me to speak to you again

I have never been more stressed out than I’ve ever been in my life

And I will not have my multi millionaire brother be on my *** about 3k

Get some ******* empathy.


So, AITA? Do I need more empathy?”

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