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He Found Out His Brother Was Lying To Him About His Dog. So He Fired Him As His Dog Walker.

by Matthew Gilligan

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The truth shall set you free…

And NOT telling the truth will do nothing but get you into a whole lot of trouble!

The guy who wrote this story on Reddit got pretty fired up after his own brother wasn’t being straight with him.

Did he act like a jerk?

Check out his story and see what you think.

AITA for firing my brother as my dog walker after having to pay a lot for the vet because of his lie?

“My brother (24m) has been out of work for a while and has been looking to make any extra cash.

He was just trying to help him out.

I (27m) decided to start paying him to walk my dog in the mornings and evening. Not much but just so he has something. Didn’t need him to because I was already doing that myself, but still been busy with work so at least him doing it meant I wouldn’t have to get up super early to walk Bella (my dog) or take her out really late once I’m done for the day.

I didn’t notice this until a couple weeks after he started walking Bella. She has her own pee pad in my apartment where she does her business. Sometimes she’ll poop during our walks and I clean up after her.

When my brother started walking her I gave him the bags do use in case she went. A few days went by and I notice Bella hasn’t used her pee pad to go #2 at all. So I asked my brother if she’s going during their walks.

He told me she wasn’t. I noticed it too when they’d get back and he hasn’t used the bags. I asked him a few times if he’s sure and he said yeah. So that scared me because obviously there was a problem if she hasn’t pooped in days.

That doesn’t sound good…

I took her to the vet, they did a physical, blood work to check If she was dehydrated or anything else. Literally nothing was wrong.

So then the vet suggested we do an abdominal ultrasound to see if they could figure out what’s going on. That wasn’t cheap at all. So still haven’t gotten the results yet and earlier I’m at home, my brother stops by to take her out. Notices how I’m acting so he asks what’s wrong.

I told him everything. That I’m freaked out over what’s wrong with Bella because they’ve done these tests and they don’t know what’s up. Finally he tells me he’s been LYING about the whole thing.

What a jerk!

Bella does go but he just didn’t wanna pick up the poop. He didn’t tell me because he knew I’d get mad since they only walk around this block; which means he’s been letting her go on the neighbors yards and not picking it up.

Man I literally lost it. Like actually yelled at him for making me worry about my dog and that I spent so much money for nothing. I essentially fired him, didn’t say nothing about him paying me back because knowing him, I knew he won’t. My brother begged me to give him a chance and he didn’t know it was gonna be a big deal.


He texted me multiple times that he’s sorry. And he really needs this help. Since he’s staying at my parents he told them so now they’re on his side too.

To be a good brother and give him a chance for making a stupid mistake. My brother’s mad I won’t help him, I’m still mad about the whole thing so I don’t know if I’m being too harsh because of my emotions or if I’m in the right here.”

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