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He Parked His Tractor In The Neighborhood And His Neighbor Called The Cops. So He Got Revenge And Parked A Much Bigger Tractor Trailer In The Street.

by Sarrah Murtaza

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Isn’t it the most annoying thing when genuinely nice people are bothered by the most random things by people who would rather make people’s life miserable than do something productive.

This boy did nothing wrong and in fact had been helping people around but his neighbor decided he didn’t like this boy’s tractor and ended up reporting it to the police.

Let’s see what happened!

Tractor or Tractor-Trailer?

There is a young man in the neighborhood that lives with his folks.

He is a great mechanic. He loves older trucks and other weird vehicles.

This boy seems very helpful around the neighborhood and is particularly liked by people around.

He and his buddy are always working on something and help others fixing cars, lawnmowers etc.

Just a really cool kid.

He also has this really cool older John Deere tractor. He can be seen driving it around the neighborhood occasionally.

He will give kids rides on it and helps out at the local community animal park.

He parks the tractor in the street on the side of his house.

Since he has the space and the liberty to do so!

It’s really only about the size of a full-sized truck. Well, his neighbor across the street decides they don’t like it and call the cops.

There is always that one neighbor causing trouble to  everyone!

They come out and say he can’t park it on the street as it isn’t legal.

After finding out it’s illegal, this boy did what was necessary, and something extra..

So, he parks it on his lawn for a while. Then one day he shows up with this massive flatbed trailer and parks it in the same place on the street.

It is 2 and half times the length of the tractor and almost twice as wide.

Its 4 feet off the ground with a built-in retractable ramp.

Who doesn’t love a silent revenge that’s not even harmful!

He plops the tractor on it and over time adds a bunch of other stuff.

Tires, cooler, wood, whatever engine he is currently working on.

The Trailer is fully licensed and parking it on the street is perfectly legal.

This boy silently answered the neighbor and got away with two tractors in his space. It would have been interesting to find out the neighbor’s reaction to that.

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Calling the cops seemed a little extra! The problem could’ve easily been sorted without that.

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