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Boss Told Employee To Think About Whether She Wanted To Keep Working There. She Said “I Don’t” And Then Sued Him For Improper Termination.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

It sure does feel good to call a boss on their bluff when they’re pushing you around!

No doubt about it!

This worker had enough of their boss and decided to take them up on their offer to quit their job.

Take a look at what went down!

Boss: Think about whether you want to keep working here. Me: OK. I don’t.

“Nearly two years ago I started work at Company as their digital marketing person.

After I started, it turned out that I was brought in to put out the fires left by my predecessor, the VP Marketing, who had a team of 4 plus himself, spent over $1 million in one year and brought in 5 deals, 2 of them for under $10K.

This didn’t look good…

As you can well imagine, after a performance like that, I had lots of work to do, and very little to do it with.

Aside from 1 or 2 paid tools, everything else was to be done using free tools only.

I’m gonna do some bragging here, I beat the previous year’s figures in all categories with 10% of the budget.

When I started, I thought Bossman (Founder/CEO) had a really good management style, saying things like: “Your successes are yours, your mistakes are mine”, and “The enemy of good is great. I don’t expect perfection, I want you to make sure things work and get them done”.

In essence, I was allowed to run my own (one-man) department and outsourced freelancers, and as long as I was getting results, he left me alone.

Since I was the only person on the marketing team, I also had to learn a large number of skills and platforms that weren’t directly related to digital marketing.

Not to say everything was perfect, but things were pretty good. One of the main things that weren’t perfect was that Bossman had serious anger management issues.

As I said before, he left me alone but I saw him blow up at and fire other people for stupid stuff.


He lost it at me too once or twice, but he’d calm down after a couple hours and things would be back to normal.

If it looks like an abusive relationship, that’s because looking back, that’s exactly what it was.

As the year came to an end, I approached Boss and initiated a performance review.

I ran him through everything I had done in the past year, and he was pretty surprised at how much I had done with so little.

I asked him for a raise, pointing out that I was currently making 8,000/month in local currency (average is 4,500/month) when people with my (now augmented) skill set were making between 13-14,000/month.

I asked him for 12,000.

He said he’d get back to me, and never did.

Every time I asked him about my raise, he had another excuse. After the last excuse, I began looking for something else.

The other day we had a meeting, and it turns out that two months ago I made a mistake.

It wasn’t a critical mistake, and it was rectified within a few hours of discovering the mistake.

No harm or damage was caused whatsoever to Company, but Bossman flipping LOST IT.

I mean slamming on tables, yelling for the whole office to hear, what have you.

And then he said it…

Then he said the magic words: “Pack your things up and go home. Think about whether you want to keep working here”.

So that’s what I did, and 10 seconds later I said “No, I don’t”.

I started packing my stuff up while he turned an even deeper shade of red and got even louder.

I didn’t answer him at all, just kept on packing up my things and saying goodbye to my colleagues.

Turns out that being ignored really pushed his buttons, to the point where he started threatening to call security to have me removed, while I was actively removing myself and my things from the office.

Here’s the part where it gets beautiful: My country is very strict on employee’s rights (sorry, Americans, I feel your pain).

His words and behaviour are considered an improper dismissal.

By law he’s required to give me 30 days notice of dismissal, which he didn’t.

When he realized his mistake, he convened a pre-dismissal hearing, but it was already too late, he’s opened himself up to a lawsuit, which I’m already talking with lawyers about.

No problem!

Because by law he has to give me those 30 days’ notice even though he already fired me, for the next 30 days I’m eligible for ALL the benefits and social rights in my salary, but I can do nothing for him and there’s nothing he can do to me without making the incoming lawsuit 10 times worse.

I’ve already got 4 interviews lined up for next week, paying almost double what Boss was paying me, and best of all, I’ll be interviewing for other places on his dime.

The cherry on top is that because I’m the only marketing person, without me, nothing happens in the marketing department for the next month, and if he doesn’t hire someone on in time, I won’t be around to answer any questions the new person might have.”

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Source: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

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Well, that was satisfying!

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