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Her Classmate Posted An Embarrassing Video Of Her Dad, So She Got Back At Him By Making Sure He Failed A Big Test

by Heide Lazaro

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Not all jokes are funny, especially if it involves a loved one being made fun of, and this daughter wasn’t pleased by what her classmate passed off as a joke about her dad.

Find out how she got back at him and you decide whether her revenge was petty or brilliant.

How I Got Back at a Classmate for Posting an Embarrassing Video of My Dad

A few months ago, my building’s committee organized a small party for everyone living in our building to bond.

It included some dancing and singing at the beginning, and ended with a fancy dinner.

My father was in charge of the food.

During the party, the food arrived before dinnertime to ensure it was fresh and was set up on the buffet table.

My dad went over to check if everything was up to standard.

Here comes this funny guy who makes up a story about the dad.

Unfortunately, my neighbor, who is also my classmate, was there. He’s known as the class clown and is quite popular on Instagram for the funny stuff he posts.

He secretly recorded my dad and posted it on his story, labeling him as someone who only comes for the food and can’t even wait for it.

He also mentioned that he was my dad and added goofy music in the background.

She felt embarrassed when her schoolmates saw the video.

The whole school saw it, and needless to say, the next day wasn’t pleasant.

A few people mentioned it and I brushed it off as a joke, but I was dying inside and knew I had to get back at him.

Now, this guy is terrible at math, and knew he would fail finals if he didn’t cheat.

His roll number was after mine, so he always had to sit behind me.

Throughout the year, I helped him pass the exams, but now, there was no way I was giving him any answers.

He realized this just before the math exam and offered to pay me a few dollars if I helped him pass.

This is how she responded to the offer.

I couldn’t believe his audacity.

Not only did he ask for help after making a joke about my dad, but his offer was also ridiculously low.

I was about to cuss him out, but instead said, “Sure, you don’t need to study at all. I’ll tell you all the answers to the multiple-choice questions and you’ll pass for sure.”

Here goes another trick from the naughty boy.

The exam time came, and I gave him the answers.

After the exam, I asked him for the money, and he laughed and said, “I’m not giving you anything. You really thought I would pay you?”

But look who got tricked instead.

I laughed back and said, “You really thought I would help you pass after what you did?”

He was shocked and I told him every answer I gave him was wrong.

His expression was priceless. I wish I could have recorded it and posted it on my story.

A few weeks later, the results came out and he scored a 3 in math. He obviously failed and would have to repeat the year.

I could hear his father yelling at him.

Wait, there’s more. She really didn’t want her classmate to get away with everything.

A few hours later, I went to his house and showed his dad a screen recording of the story he posted.

His dad, already furious that he failed, became even angrier.

He then proceeded to discipline him right in front of me.

I left immediately. I initially felt a little bad, but it was so satisfying.

Apparently, his dad was so pissed that he permanently confiscated his phone.

Now, that’s what you call great revenge. Let’s read what other people have to say about this story.

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Do not mess with a math whiz!

Just because he’s a funny guy doesn’t mean he can make fun of anybody.

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