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Her Dad And Stepmom Don’t Want Her To Let Her Younger Stepsister Down, But She Finally Had to Let Her Know She’s Moving Out

by Matthew Gilligan

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When you gotta break some hard truths to people, things can get ugly…

And this young woman is just trying to live her life, but she’s getting some pushback from her family and her young stepsister.

Is she doing anything wrong?

Get the story below and see what you think.

AITA for telling my stepsister I’ll be moving out in a few months and she can’t stay with me overnight sometimes?

“Three years ago my dad got married to Erica and she moved in with her daughter Liv (8f). Erica has other kids as well.

She has three with one guy, two with another guy and then Liv with someone else.

Liv’s dad is apparently someone Erica has a long relationship with and she cheated on both her ex’s with Liv’s dad.

This sounds like a mess.

So Erica’s other kids dislike Erica, Liv’s dad and Liv. I met them a handful of times and it’s so clear.

Whenever they’re around Liv they tell her should’ve never been born, they call her affair baby to her face and they mock her and say things to make her cry.

Liv doesn’t really get why they don’t like her. She hasn’t figured out what they mean by the affair baby comments and Erica does not want to tell her.

Erica’s other kids also tell Liv how awful her dad is and how he didn’t even want her and he’s the worst person alive so she must be really disgusting and unlovable.

Erica knows what her other kids say but they rarely see Erica so I guess she can’t do much.

Her three older kids are older than me, I think. So yeah, there’s a lot of really messy stuff going on there.

When my dad and Erica got married they asked me to please be kind to Liv and to please step up and see her as my sister.

I (17f) am kind, but I don’t have that sisterly bond with Liv that they want me to have.

She’s doing her best…

I told them I didn’t feel that way about her when they called me on not putting more effort into the time we spend together.

Sometimes I’ll watch a movie with Liv or let her play video games with me.

But they want more and they told me doing more was the only way to make sure we never went back to her being just my stepsister, which is why I explained I didn’t have that “sibling” bond with Liv.

They didn’t say much else after I told them this. Their only comment was basically well you’re all she has and she’s all you have.

My dad has told me a few times not to mention to Liv the fact I’ll be going to college in the fall and moving out of the house.


Liv has become very attached to me and she has told me how she wishes her other siblings would spend time with her, didn’t dislike her and she talks about me being her best friend and she calls me just her sister and how she wishes we could spend all our time together.

And it pains me because I’m not planning to come back to dad’s regularly.

She won’t be able to sleep in my dorm for my freshman year but I won’t be living in the dorm my entire time at college and I don’t really want to promise she can visit when I live in an apartment.

It’s going from bad to worse…

I brought this all up with dad and Erica and they refused to tell Liv. I’ll be moving out even though I move June 19th.

So the other day when Liv was trying to ask me to do stuff with her all summer I told her I wouldn’t be here and that I was moving out.

She told me we can have sleepovers when I move out and I told her that wouldn’t be possible.

She got really upset and Erica was furious and she told me I was supposed to be the sibling who doesn’t let her down and dad said I disobeyed them.


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Laying down the law can hurt…

But sometimes it has to be done.

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