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Her Husband Gave Her A Hard Time When She Wanted To Move The Car To Get Packages. She Refused To Help Him Out Next Time They Were At The Store.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge/Pixabay

Sometimes I wonder to myself why some people stay married to partners like this guy…

And you’ll see what I’m talking about in just a minute!

Check out how this woman put her annoying husband in his place in this story from Reddit.

You didn’t realise you married someone so lazy, huh?

“Last week my husband and I went shopping.

We came out of one shop and wanted to go to another which was the other side of the car park. We walked over and there were no trolleys (what we wanted was packed into 4 heavy boxes and was awkward to carry across a large carpark) so I said I’d drive the car over.

It’s one of those shops where you order at the till and they bring it from the warehouse to the till and you take it to your car.

Here it comes…

Well he called me lazy for wanting to move the car. I tried explaining my side but no, he was adamant I was lazy.

I went and moved the car because why was I putting my back out carrying an outdoor table and chairs set to the car? He berated me whilst we waited in the queue, calling me lazy, saying he didn’t realise he married someone so lazy etc.

This guy sounds like a sweetheart!

I ended up leaving the shop without the table and chairs because he kept pushing for a reaction.

Today, we went back to said shops. He said he would go get the table and chairs while I went into another shop. Guess what, no trolleys. He rang me and asked me to drive the car over.

Did I? Did I? That’s lazy, right?!?!

Have fun with that, dude.

He started to get mad and realised he didn’t have a leg to stand on. He carried each box separately from the shop to the car. 4 trips there and back. Each time he asked me to move the car and I said that it was lazy and I didn’t realise I married someone so lazy.”

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Eat your words, buddy!

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