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Her Neighbor Wouldn’t Stop Giving Her A Hard Time, So She Put Her In Her Place In Front Of Her Family To Teach A Lesson In Manners

by Matthew Gilligan

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Calling people out can be oh-so-satisfying.

You know that’s the truth!

And the woman who wrote this story on Reddit decided it was time to put an incredibly rude neighbor in her place.

Did she go too far?

Get all the details below and see what you think.

AITA for calling my angry neighbor out in front of her family?

“I moved into an apartment on the ground floor of a house which is split up into three apartments. The house next door is owned by a couple with several kids.

The woman who lives there has a temper… A few times, when I’ve been hanging out with friends in the backyard, she’s yelled at us over stuff.

This doesn’t sound good….

Playing music with cusses where her kids can hear, being too “******” with each other, which was awkward because we were not doing anything ******… Other stuff that’s too ugly to repeat here… Etc.

As far as I can tell she never does this in front of her husband or kids. Her husband isn’t home often, it seems.

There was a chance encounter…

Then, a while later, I was out getting my mail when four people walked by, the neighbor lady, her husband, and two older people who I think were either her parents or her husband’s parents.

The husband asked me if I knew there was water leaking from the hose in the front yard of my house. He seemed friendly and like he was trying to be helpful.

I said I hadn’t known, maybe the maintenance guy left it on.

But then I got a really weird feeling about how the woman that has said so much nasty stuff was standing with her family acting really chill in front of them.

She decided to let loose.

I said “Hey, excuse me, aren’t you the lady who’s called my friends and I *****, lifestyle slurs, and the c word? I was hoping to talk to you at a calmer moment.”

She said no right away.

Uh oh…

I then, knowing full well that she was that lady, said “Oh sorry, perhaps I’m confused. There’s a lady who lives in that house, mid 40s, heavyset with chin length brown hair, smokes out back every night, who’s said all those things and more, and I really don’t appreciate it. Do you have a sister? A roommate?”

She cut me off and said maybe it’s better I leave, and so I did.

I heard fighting from that house that night and I think it was because of what I said, her husband and the older couple seemed shocked by some of it.

AITA for calling my neighbor out on front of her family?”

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Showed her!

What a psycho!

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