June 7, 2024 at 11:43 pm

Her Sister-In-Law Tried To Hire Her Nanny, So She Gave The Nanny A Big Raise To Keep Her With Them

by Michael Levanduski

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For busy parents, a good nanny is worth their weight in gold.

When you find one, you’ll do almost anything to keep them around.

In this story, a woman’s sister-in-law tries to lure her nanny away and then complains when she gives them a raise to ensure they don’t go.

Read the full story to see what happens.

AITA for offering my kids nanny more money/hours so she won’t work for my SIL?

My husband and I have 3 kids (10mo f, 4m, 10f).

We currently have a nanny, Isabelle (22f) 3 days a week.

This nanny sounds like a dream come true!

I have to say, Isabelle is amazing.

She drives on field trips, she does homework with the kids, she handles playdates, she’s the one adult my 10 year old likes, she’s not dependent on screens, does art projects with the kids, she speaks 10 year old.

She’s even teaching them how to cook and bake. They made mini quiches a few weeks ago.

My oldest is doing state testing right now and wanted a fun activity with her friends. Isabelle suggested a spa day and my daughter loved it.

I set up a day for my 4 year old to go home with his grandparents and let Isabelle turn our living room into a spa.

She picked up my daughter, my niece, and 2 friends, brought them to our house, and did their hair and nails while they laid back and did face masks.

I can’t believe her sister-in-law would do this without even asking first!

I guess my niece was telling her mom how cool Isabelle is because my SIL texted Isabelle offering her a nanny position 4 days a week, matching whatever I pay her but for only 1 kid.

Isabelle showed me the text and told me that she will have to think about it because the extra money would be nice.

I told her if she promised to stay, next year I’d have her at 5 days a week with a $5 per hour raise.

Isabelle turned my SIL down saying she had received a better offer and now she’s telling my husband’s family that I stole a nanny from her.

So let me get this straight, SIL is upset that she gave a wonderful nanny a raise so she wouldn’t leave?

They’re upset that I outbid my SIL and gave Isabelle extra money and hours just so my SIL wouldn’t get her.

My husband said it was petty.


She just did what she needed to do to retain a great nanny.

Maybe other Redditors have a different opinion, let’s take a look.

Looks like this commenter agrees with me, it is the SIL who is in the wrong here!

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This could make everyone happy!

Source: Reddit/AITAH

Not only is the SIL the AH, but it sounds like the rest of the family is too!

Source: Reddit/AITAH

Always pay a great nanny well or they will find another family to work for.

That said, you shouldn’t steal from family.

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