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Her Spouse Gets Asked To Do Favors All The Time By Female Neighbors, So She Tells Her To Stop Being Their “Husband”

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit

I can’t say I blame the woman who wrote this story for how annoyed she is with her neighbors…

Not at all!

But she asked the fine readers of Reddit if she did anything wrong because she’s having some second thoughts.

Let’s see what she had to say.

AITA for not allowing my husband to be the entire neighborhood’s husband?

“I have a weird situation. It’s become very clear that my husband is the only man on our street. The rest of the houses are entirely women. There’s a few single mother houses, 2 houses of all female roommates, one single woman, and even a lesbian couple.

I normally wouldn’t care or even take note of this, but since March, it’s like we’re getting constant calls and texts. The number we gave when we moved in two years ago (just renewed last January) was my number.

Is he around?!?!

I am FLOODED with requests for basic handyman stuff like changing light bulbs, car problems, and dealing with toilets.

He has helped people around the neighborhood before because he is a nice guy and we are from a culture that assumes that men need to “help out” women if they can, even if they’re not related.

But with me being furloughed, he’s the only one working and is less interested in extra stuff, but the tasks do only take about 5-20 minutes on average, which I know because my husband makes me go with him because they make him uncomfortable.

It gets worse…

Even more gross than that is that these women are obsessed with him on a personal level. They openly flirt with him and literally offer themselves up if he’s “ever tired of [me]” or “wants something different”. I have even gotten pictures of boobs from neighbors!

While I love my husband and am attracted to him, he’s not like a male model or anything so I really don’t understand why these women are fawning over him like this. One of the single moms has even asked him to come over and discipline one of her children, which is an absolute nope.

He’s not comfortable with any of this and has asked me to intervene. I’ve tried talking to these women more casually to no avail. I set up a Zoom for just us ladies to try to get us on the same page.

This sounds totally ridiculous!

They told me that since it’s now impossible for any of them to find anyone anymore (2020), I needed to share my husband and be less selfish in regards to household maintenance requests. It’s “not even safe” to call for maintenance and I shouldn’t ask them to when there’s a “safe alternative” where they don’t have to risk exposure.

They also said that it was just “harmless flirting” because they’re all “frustrated* and can’t date” and that I wouldn’t even be threatened by it if I was “giving him kids”.

I’ve talked to my own family about this and while they say that the women should be less forward, I should be more understanding about how hard it is for a woman to be alone because my own mother was alone.

AITA for not just dealing with it?”

Let’s see what people had to say about this.

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Sometimes, you just gotta put your foot down…

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