June 5, 2024 at 4:29 pm

His Annoying Boss Wouldn’t Let Him Park His Car In A Public Spot, So He Rented A Car To Park In That Spot And Acted Like He Didn’t Know How It Got There

by Sarrah Murtaza

source: Reddit/pettyrevenge/pexels/norexy art

Work can already be stressful and his boss made it worse for him.

He was denied parking his car in a spot once and he wasn’t willing to let that slide.

Let’s see what went down..

Boss won’t let me park on public space. Neither can you!

This happened many years ago, I’m an IT contractor living in England, I got a job working next to the Welsh Assembly in Wales (shockingly!)

Typically I’d travel on bicycle / train since there wasn’t really a need for a car in Cardiff.

One week I needed my car there for something, so I arrive early Monday morning.

Between the Welsh Assembly and our building was a triangle of land that belonged to the WA but they’d not included it inside their wall, so it was just this triangle of unmaintained mud/grass. Big enough for one car parallel to the wall, or two cars perpendicular.

That sounds like a fair parking spot but little did he know..

I arrived, parked with enough space for another car (there was usually one parked there). Mid way through the day I get called over by my boss who asks if I’ve parked there.

He says that his boss is angry because I’m parked there, I argue over it being public land etc.

The boss was clearly THE BOSS!

I’m told that this boss gets the say on my contract and doesn’t need a reason to end my contract.

Fine I’ll move my car.

He was pissed and wasn’t going to have anymore of this.

Within 30 mins of moving my car boss’s boss has turned his around so nobody else can park there.

This annoys me.

The following Sunday, I visit the local car hire company, and find out that because of the miracle of the British Train network it costs me about an extra £20 to hire a car for the week.

Off to Cardiff I go.

He then plays a smart move against a bossy BOSS.

Car gets parked there from 6am Monday all the way through to 6pm Friday.

Boss asks if it’s mine “Of course not, you’ve seen what I drive” I don’t know nothing.

This goes on for the next four months of my contract.

He did what he had to. Played it smart.

He knew arguing wouldn’t have gotten him anywhere because of the power dynamics in the office but there was a way around things.

Let’s see how Reddit users reacted to this..

This person loves the pettiness of the story.

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This person wants the entire parking space blocked!

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This person wants more drama.

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This user loves the idea of what this guy did

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Everyone is completely smitten by the idea of people in power being put down.

No matter how petty that may be!

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