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His Ex-Wife Volunteered Him To Coach Baseball When She Knew He Couldn’t, So He Conspired With A Friend To Make Her Look As Bad As Possible

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge/Unsplash/@benhershey

Nice try, ex-wife!

This Reddit story comes to us from a guy whose ex is determined to make his life as uncomfortable as possible for some reason.

But he turned things around on her!

Check out what happened…

Turned the tables on my ex-wife’s attempt to make me back out last minute from coaching children’s T-ball.

“About a year out from divorce. Ex-wife has been acting petty and childish to say the least. Tries to make me look bad any attempt she gets.

My young son played T-ball last year and I volunteered to be the coach.

Really enjoyed it, but my work responsibilities/schedule changed before this season and I simply could not commit to do it again.

I became good friends with the guy running the league and let him know before the sign ups even started as a heads up. Was disappointed, but not much to do.

He did his best with the time he had.

What I was able to do, was volunteer to get to the fields super early Saturday before the games started to set them up (chalk line the batters boxes, foul lines, put out bases,etc. Three fields total) which he was extremely grateful for.

A few weeks before the season was supposed to start they were unfortunately short a couple coaches and were sending out some desperation emails to all of the parents.

This woman sounds evil.

My ex knew my situation, and apparently thought going onto the website and basically ‘fraudulently’ volunteering me to coach would be a great way to inconvenience me, make me look bad by having to back out, etc. so she did just that.

Buddy running the league called me, very confused.

In order to register, you have to make a username/password. Username is just your email, so after a few minutes of looking through the registration we worked what happened as her email was in the account name.

Ultimately, he decided to put his kid on my son’s team and be the coach on top of everything else he was doing.

He was mad at my ex himself though, because this stunt could have set them back finding a legit coach if they needed to, possibly delaying the league.

Here is where I come up with the petty revenge.

He sends out the official email out to all of the parents of the league with the rosters and coaches for all 10 teams.

How about this?

Except for our kids’ team instead of listing himself, I tell him to list my ex. Puts her name/contact info, etc and says to expect further info from each coach individually.

She emails him back once she notices to point out the ‘mistake’ saying it should have been me instead but he ignores it.

He sends her all of the clearances coaches need to pass, asks for times she can come pick up equipment, the whole 9 yards.

After a couple of days parents of the team apparently start emailing her asking for info on when the seasons starts and when practice will be and all that.

Eventually he does reply back, playing dumb, telling her she is the one who volunteered, as it was her username that registered, and knew it wasn’t supposed to be me as he had spoken to me months earlier and knew I wasn’t able to do it this year.

Put her in an awkward spot, because she either had to admit what she did, or feign some ignorance and claim a ‘miscommunication’ which everyone knew was nonsense as we were divorced.

She was in a real pickle!

After she flat out says she can’t coach and ‘she isn’t sure what to tell him’.

He sends out another email to the entire league, which says ‘due to the coach of (our kids team name) backing out at the very last minute, I have no choice but to take on coaching the team myself, on top of the rest of the responsibilities.

Moving forward we ask that coaches do not volunteer unless they plan on fulfilling that commitment’.

He didn’t mention her by name, but everyone saw the rosters and knew he was talking about her.

She texted me a few weeks later once the season started about how ‘my buddy is an ******* for doing that to her due to a glitch in the registration software as multiple people have approached and asked her not so nicely what happened and she knows she is getting looks from people during the games’.

What a satisfying text it was to receive…”

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She sounds like a real sweetheart!

That was sarcasm, by the way…

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