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His Neighbor Wants Him to Do Yard Work For Free. He’s Wondering If He’s A Jerk For Saying No.

by Matthew Gilligan

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Sometimes, the only thing you can tell someone is…DO IT YOURSELF.

Ain’t that the truth?!?! You better believe it!

And this young man just couldn’t put up with his neighbor anymore so he decided to let her have it.

Did he act like a jerk?

Read on and see what you think.

AITA for refusing to rake my neighbor’s leaves?

“I’m 18, I go to community college and live at home.

I enjoy working in the yard so I cut my parents grass, shovel snow, or this time of year…rake.

We have a next door neighbor Trudy. She’s in her 40s…I think.

This lady sounds like a pain in the ***.

When I was younger Trudy was always…difficult.

When I was a kid playing in my parents yard with my friends and we accidentally hit or kicked a ball into her yard she’d have a fit.

Even though it wasn’t anywhere near her house.

We didn’t run through her yard or anything either, just went to bring the ball back.

And she can’t mind her own business.

When I was in high school she’d tell my parents on me about stuff that they already knew.

Like I was allowed to stay out til midnight or 1 am (I can’t remember exactly) the night of Homecoming. The next morning she came over to tell me mom she seen me “sneaking in” late.

She’s done other stuff but I don’t feel like writing a book.

Now that I’m “grown ” she’s tried having a friendly conversation with me just if we cross paths outside but I’m always very short with her because she’s a nosey tattle tale.

I guess her husband and her are divorcing (shocker).

I was out raking Sunday and she was walking to her car and said “hey do mine when you’re done.”

I ignored her.

Monday she caught me coming home from school and asked if I’d be able to rake her yard.

I said “sure. But it’ll be like 20-30 bucks”.

She said “I meant just do it as a favor. ”

I said “oh then no” and went inside.

I guess she said something to my mom and my mom said I should do it to help her out.

No, I’m good!

I said no. I’m not helping someone that acted like that when I was a kid and besides she doesn’t do anything for me so…

My mom said that her husband isn’t around anymore to do that stuff and Trudy needs help. That it’d be a good way to build bridges and show my maturity.

I said “no, I don’t want to build a bridge with her and I’d rather she thinks I’m immature. Then she’ll leave me alone. I have nothing to say to her anyway”.

My mom said I’m being stubborn and I should do it for her if I don’t do it for Trudy.

AITA for refusing? I don’t want to help someone that was always trying to get me in trouble.”

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Do it yourself, lady!

It sure seems like she has the time.

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