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His Parents Didn’t Come To His Graduation, So He Won’t Let Them Take A Photo Of Him In His Cap And Gown

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit

I’m gonna say right out of the gate that this family seems a little nutty to me

But enough about me!

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AITA for not allowing my parents to take a picture of me with my cap and gown?

“I (16M) graduated last Friday.

After the ceremony ended I couldn’t find my parents anywhere. I was looking around for them and then I decided to check my phone. My mom sent me a text a while ago letting me know that my sister went into labor and her and my dad were at the hospital.

He wasn’t happy about this.

This upset me because I thought my parents were there but realizing that they weren’t just made me sad. I saw everyone else with their family taking pictures and stuff and I was just standing there awkwardly not knowing what to do. My mom told me that they would be back ASAP to come and get me.

They did not. I waited for a good 20 minutes watching everyone else leave. I decided to just walk home because I got tired of waiting. I walked 3 miles before my parents drove by and made a u turn to come and pick me up.

These folks are clueless!

They were mad when they saw me walking. They told me that It was disrespectful of me to for leave with out telling them and accusing me of putting myself in danger.

I told them that there wasn’t alot of people left at the ceremony and I didn’t want to wait anymore. I also told them that they knew it was important for them to be there and they completely bailed on me.

They told me that they were sorry and kept trying to justify why they left. I told them that it doesn’t make sense for them to leave when my sisters husband were there with her and if they really wanted to abandon me they could have at least had one of them stay with me but they left me with no one to watch me and ruined what was supposed to be a good day for me.

There’s all kinds of family drama going on here.

My sister didn’t even give birth that day she gave birth like 18 hours later which ****** me off more. The problem is my parents are upset with me because they wanted to take another picture of me with my cap and gown on but I refused. The one they took of me in the car I wasn’t smiling and my parents wanted a re-do because of it.

I told them no. I said that if they already had a picture of me and that it’s all they are gonna get. I told them that there are pictures of me on my school’s Facebook page and they can screen shot it from there or can leave it alone.

Maybe another time..

If they choose to attend my college graduation they can maybe see me in another cap and gown. But until then, I don’t see why I have to put it on just for them when they chose to miss it.

They feel as if I’m punishing them by not allowing them to take a picture of me. I just feel like if they wanted a picture they should’ve been there.

Other than that they can use the ones on Facebook, the one in the car, or none at all.”

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What a strange story…

This family needs to get some group therapy.

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