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His Wife’s Friends Gave Him A Hard Time About His Background. He Made Sure To Tell Them He Makes More Money Than Her.

by Matthew Gilligan

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Well, this didn’t go very well, did it?

I thought this guy’s response to constant heckling was pretty awesome…but not everyone is happy with him.

Did he take things too far?

Check out his story and see what you think.

AITA for telling my wife’s friends I make more money than her?

“I, 25M, am married to my wife, Sasha, 28F. She comes from a pretty wealthy background while I do not.

My dad left before I was born and my mum passed away when I was 11. I’ve mostly ‘gotten over it’, as much as one can ‘get over’ something like that. However I’m still sensitive on any so-called ‘jokes’ on that.

I graduated cum laude, and went straight into investment banking. I met my wife when I was 23, and fresh into it, but after 3 years I earn pretty well.

There are some big issues.

My wife is a lawyer. Now I love my wife and she loves me (obviously) but her family doesn’t like me. Like from the depths of their souls, despises me. I’ve been called a gold-digger, a low-life and a few more vague insults on my table manners.

I went to a ‘party’ with her the other day, one of those fancy shmancy things where everyone drinks cHaMpAgNe and complains about this that and the other, talking about oh we spent sOoOOo much money on renovations, *gasp*.

And I got the usual mild comments from wife’s family and close friends on where my wife ‘picked’ me up from.

Lacy, I don’t think, knew about my family history before. We were talking about dads, don’t ask me why and I got a question on what my dad did, I said I didn’t know, never met the guy. Lacy made this kind of exaggerated gasp and went ‘oohh, well we all know why you’re with her [my wife] then don’t we?’

He laid down the gauntlet.

I acted all confused and she got flustered, and just kept going with ‘well… you know’. My wife tried to move the conversation along but by this point I wasn’t letting it go, I kept pushing, and pushing until Lacy finally said, ‘well you two don’t exactly have the same… finances do you’ and I then responded with, “you’re right. I make quite some more than her.”

Lacy by this point was too embarrassed to keep going, I’d kind of ruined the vibe, but the night continued, this isn’t the kind of event you walk away from. We went home, which was when **** genuinely went down.

Uh oh…

She told me it was crazy of me to keep pushing on that point and turn one comment into one of them most embarrassing moments of her life and now everyone in her circle must think she’s some kind of failure to earn so much less than her husband, and I’d ruined everything.

But it’s not like I lied. I’m just tired of being treated like **** in her circle. My wife is upset though, and I do care about her, so I need to know, AITA?”

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